Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 3/22/2014

“ My firm has utilized Kinsey Investigations for a number of investigative tasks and have always had exceptional results. They also provide service of process and through perseverance have served 100% of those who were dodging service. ”

G N.

private investigator reviews california 19/05/2015

“ We contacted Kinsey Investigations because of our missing son. Last we knew, he left campus at NYU and was last seen (according to his ATM)–buying a ticket to LAX.

Not knowing what to think, we assumed he left on a whim to Los Angeles. But as it turned out, someone had stolen his bag with his wallet, credit card, laptop computer, cell phone.

Barbara at Kinsey was able to help locate the thieves, a particular incident that occurred, got the local police involved and we are now reunited with our son thanks to her help. ”

Karen Downey

Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 7/12/2019

“ Hello everyone,
I have the opportunity to have Kinsey Investigations doing work for me. I met up with Barbara she is warm and Compassionate towards my situation and I am very happy  to have this Team people which are Barbara, Kelly Frank and Evelyn.

If anyone out there needs  PI Firm please get in touch with

Cheers. ”

Cecilia D

Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 7/12/2019

“ Barbara’s service was incredible. I originally tried to get my court documents served through the Sheriff’s office and even though I provided them with the information needed to serve the respondent, they failed. I then came to Yelp where I called a few places and found Kisney Investigations.
Barbara was able to accomplish what the Sheriff’s office couldn’t after just one attempt. It was a huge relief once she was able to get the documents served because I thought the respondent had been dodging it, but she was able to do it. She kept me updated on her progress and delivered as promised. I hope not to need the same services soon, but if I ever need them in the future I will go directly to Barbara. I highly recommend it!”

Elizabeth C.

Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 4/15/2019

“ I don’t write reviews often but I had to for Barbara because of the amazing grace she treated me with as a small-time client in a big city.  I affectionately called her BABS bc she was so supportive during my ordeal that I actualIy FORGOT at times I hired her to help me!  I’m not getting into details but her and an Investigator PF helped me TREMENDOUSLY during my case.  In the end, justice prevailed and I am glad I went to them and no one else!  THANKS BABS AND PF! ”

Vivian K.

Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 8/12/2017

“ All I can say is these people are so, so hekpful!!

We had a sensitive issue and they were so understanding and handled our case with kid gloves.

Thank you Kinsey!

Highly recommend Barbara, Karen and Kelsa!! ”

Wayne P.

Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 4/24/2017

“ Second time using her services and she never disappoints me! I highly recommend her no job is too big or too small!
Thank you Barbara! ”

Alejandra L.

Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 8/11/2018

“ I encourage anyone seeking solid results in a professional and timely manner to contact Barbara. She is understanding and quite personable. Barbara is patient and very informative when communicating via verbally or by text. She helped me tremendously and with kind and discretion. Barbara responds promptly. I recommend Kinsey Investigations without hesitation. ”

Gwen S.

Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 5/7/2017

“ Barbara is professional and really works hard to “get the job done.”  She is resourceful, creative and knowledgeable.  I would not hesitate to recommend Barbara and Kinsey Investigations for any sensitive issues or processing. ”

Peter Y.

Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 6/15/2016

“ Although I live in San Francisco, I was able to easily work with the Kinsey in Los Angeles (although they can help all over the Country).  I’ve referred a number of friends to Kinsey Investigations, for a number of investigative tasks and they have always had exceptional results, and appreciated the referral. The other great reviews are a testament to the service,  process and through perseverance, and continue to deliver on their 100% commitment delivering results in the toughest scenarios of dodging the real issues.  

More importantly, the Kinsey Team does this in an extremely professional manner, with ongoing communication, while maintaining the utmost confidentiality for every Client. Their highly talented team is well worth the investment, not only in the investigation, but also supporting and guiding their Clients through the entire process in the most difficult times. ”

Cory L.

Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 7/22/2017

“ Barbara went above and beyond conducting her investigation. She was professional, efficient and meticulous. I am very impressed with the end result and I would highly recommend Kinsey Investigations. Thank you for your excellent work  Barbara! ”

Colin S.

Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 5/31/2015

“ We needed to serve papers on a slippery former tenant and didn’t know who to call. I got their number from the Internet and I was somewhat hesitant as I didn’t know what to expect. Barbara knocked it out of the park staking out the person in Malibu, driving to orange county and finally success!  It was like an episode of kojack. She handled the follow up paperwork equally well. Highly recommended! ”

Leslie S.

private investigator reviews california 11/01/2019

“ Barbara is amazing. She is quick and efficient. I needed some one served with court papers quickly and I was nervous it would be hard to do. She served them so fast I couldn’t even believe it!!!! She is a real pro and I highly recommend her services and Kinsey Investigations! Thanks Barbara! I could not have done it with out you!!!!!! ”


private investigator reviews california 11/10/2019

“ EXCEPTIONAL!!! There’s not a better P.I. around. How rare is it to encounter a P.I. who cares? Kinsey Investigations is the place other private investigators go when they can’t solve a case. I was skeptical when someone told me this because of previous experience with other P.I.s. Thank goodness I called!

Thank you for your dedication, commitment and caring you’ve shown my family. ”

R Solano

private investigator reviews california 22/10/2019

“ Phenomenal at resolving a longstanding family matter. We are forever grateful. Kinsey investigations changed our lives.”

Elizabeth Yeo

private investigator reviews california 2/10/2019

“ I own a legal services business and for 5 years, I have used Kinsey Investigations, Private Investigator services. They are professional, very thorough in their work and timely on their delivery. I highly recommend their services. ”


private investigator reviews california 2/08/2019

“ Very professional, and thorough investigators.. helped me track down a scam artist that other investigators and police authorities could not. Highly recommend their service ”

Kathryn Joy

private investigator reviews california 12/07/2019

“ True and trustworthy highly recommended need to find anything one stop shop this is the best you can find to solve your search ”

raymond opmanis

private investigator reviews california 19/07/2019

“ Barbara is amazing and finds for you what others can’t ”

Pam Goode

private investigator reviews california 19/10/2018

“ Used them a couple of times. Very dependable and reliable. They came through for me with a very challenging task. Don’t know what I would have done without their assistance ”

John Chear

private investigator reviews california 19/10/2018

“ She came, she waited, she got those papers served!! !Very likeable honest and straight-forward. It was a pleasure working with her; she was so patient to wait out the scenario. Been trying to catch him for a month. I highly recommend working with Barbara. Thank you, Thank YOU!!! ”

Mary Jochim

private investigator reviews california 19/10/2018

“ I contacted Kinsey and asked them for a quote and they started helping me right away! Very professional, helpful and honest people. I suggest their service for you investigative needs. Thank you KI. ”

Edik Simonian

private investigator reviews california 19/10/2015

“ I needed to serve some papers to a business. I needed to find the actual owner, not just the business itself I was informed.

I would recommend this company to anyone seeking assistance. They helped me in several ways.

They helped me right over the phone for free by clarifying exactly what it was I needed. Not just the business who screwed us but the actual owner. They showed me how to look at the Secretary of State and find the business and owner (which I did). Barbara from Kinsey is a process server and she served the papers we needed done.

We later won a judgment and came back to Kinsey Investigations to find the actual owner’s financial stuff. They found us current bank accounts and not only just the accounts, but the actual amounts in the accounts and the information was current.

We wound up getting a levy and seizing the funds in the account.

Thanks to Kinsey!! If you want an honest answer to your questions or problems, call or talk to them. ”

Sandy Winter

private investigator reviews california 19/05/2015

“ Kinsey Investigations is run by a top notch PI with over 10 years investigative experience as well as street smarts that get results while upholding ethical and legal standards. ”

Jill Di Donato

Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 7/20/2018

“ I was skeptical at first about Barbara’s 100% success rate in serving court  documents, but boy was I wrong. She promised to have it done by the end of the week and she was true to her word. She is a true professional and extremely dependable.I would highly recommend her and would definitely use her services in the future. Thanks Barbara for a job well done.You are the best….John. ”

John C.

Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 12/7/2018

“ I am a private investigator and needed assistance with the service of divorce paperwork for one of my clients. This firm was very professional and expeditious in assisting with the service of the court documents on Thanksgiving Day for me. They were very easy to work with and I will defuse them again in the future. Thanks again! I really appreciated your assistance. ”

Mission Viejo, CA

Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 5/6/2018

“ Kinsey helped us in so many ways. We originally needed help. Kinsey showed us how we could do what we needed cheaper.

She gave us an alternative way that worked out perfectly!!

Saved us so much money and worked in our favor!
 Useful 1 Funny Cool ”

Pamela G.

Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 5/31/2018

“ Hey Peter thank you so much for saving my life and family!!!! I had suspicions of infedelatity and Peter amd his crew help me out when I was about to just give up and leave my marriage. I can’t appreciate Peter and partners for opening my eyes and giving me peace of mind. Now I can go back to my kids wife family and great life. They are very caring when they get your case, talk to you and get to the bottom of the issue!!! Its been the best investment I have ever done and im sure it will be the best I will ever do. Thank you thank you Peter and crew!!! Best of luck in your guys career and be safe. ”

Julio G

Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 8/16/2017

“ The best server in the business!

Pros: A+++++. They go above and beyond to make sure the individuals are served! Highly recommend. Extremely trustworthy and fair. I would use them again and again. Great PI work to locate hard to find individuals. Extremely creative to serve individuals dodging service. Very fair and reasonable!!! Do not look elsewhere.

Cons: no cons worth noting.

Novelty: a good experience in a challenging legal issue. ”

A. Adam S.

Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 5/9/2017

“ We hired them for a PI case involving Civil Harassment and won the case. Their services really helped stir court to the right direction after the plaintiff made false accusations against us.

Their services really helped close our case. Even after our PI provided blurry pictures of the plaintiff failing to stay away orders. The PI’s testimony tremendously helped closed the deal. The Judge looked at the plaintiff and was beyond upset with all her lies.

Although, court proceedings can be long. I highly suggest working with lawyer to have PI at extract time or close enough because it can be pricey. Total cost approximately $3,000 for Court and PI.
We had a down payment, and several payments there after per each request such as PI for 4 hrs each time at a specific rate.

Barbara is amazing !!! ”

Marisol R.

Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 5/17/2017

“ Barbara gave me much more than what was originally agreed upon. The communication with her was stellar  and our objective was met. I will continue to use Barbara for all of my Los Angeles investigative needs. ”

Jason S

Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 9/29/2016

“ Barbara is the best.  I have had 2 crisis situations in which she helped me find an expedient solution to quickly.  Sadly both of these crises involved my online reputation and crazy people, but that is the way of business ownership these days.  Both times Barbara went the extra mile and found additional ways to support my solutions.  Her resource networks are invaluable, along with her expediency and customer service…  Money well spent!  Austin ”

Austin M.

Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 7/20/2017

“ This company was quick, confidential, efficient and thorough.  I was completely satisfied with their written report and the information that was found.  Great job! I dodged a huge bullet by hiring them! ”

Shelley W.

Private investigator los angeles reviews Yelp 2/2/2015

“ Kinsey Investigations was really great to work with. I never had trouble getting a hold of anyone, and the job I needed done was taken care of immediately and successfully. There are a lot of shady investigators out there, so I made sure I did my homework, and Kinsey Investigations came highly recommended. The lead investigator has no fear, and no one ever suspects her because she is the last person you’d ever think is a P.I… probably why her success rate is so high.

Strongly rorecommend this company for whatever investigating you need done – personal or professional. ”

Cari F.

private investigator reviews california 11/2/2019

“ I was quite confident that I would never find L. But I was wrong and Kelsey Investigations was right — they can find anyone, most of the time. Responsive and courteous, Barbara, from Kinsey Investigations did a fantastic job by being prompt, quick to to admit to “dead ends”, on top of followup when I passed on more information, and ultimately found L. in a matter of a few days!

Pricing is fair and reasonable and an absolute bargain when she finds the person you need to find.

I will use her services again, when needed, knowing I’ll be working with one of the best. ”

Charlie Mullin

private investigator reviews california 10/29/2019

“ This is a great place to go to if you need quick results. The staff is professional, honest and kind and delivers great service. Before you try anyone else, give them a try! ”

Eve Robbins

private investigator reviews california 10/08/2019

“ Hello everyone
Kinsey Investigations is the Best firm to use if and when you need to Location, Serve or just a Quick search on anyone.
I called the business and left a message and Barbara returned my call then we chatted and set a time and day, she was punctual and waited on my arrival. Barbara listened to me and she is very Caring and knows her job… She got me all the information that I needed and more,, I was over the moon.
Barbara is the Best in the West.

Please give Barbara a call she get it Done easily and I am so happy.
My Super PI Barbara.

Thank you Kinsey Investigations /Barbara ”

Cecelia Bailey

private investigator reviews california 10/10/2019

“ I found Barbara very caring and professional. I would
highly recommend her services.”


private investigator reviews california 10/08/2019

“ Finding elusive people is a challenge for most, but not for the team of pros at Kinsey Investigations. They are meticulous, thorough and extremely reliable. They get the job done. ”

Steven Strick

private investigator reviews california 10/04/2019

“ I am an attorney and have retained Kinsey Investigations for multiple cases. They are there when I need them and have always been able to get me the information that I need quickly! ”

Aaron Shechet

private investigator reviews california 14/11/2018

“ Barbara did a phenomenal job at serving my court documents quickly. It took her no time at all to serve the respondent. She kept me informed on her progress and contacted me as soon as the court documents were served. I couldn’t have asked for a better result. Kinsey Investigations delivers on their promises to get the job done! ”

Elizabeth Escobar

private investigator reviews california 14/11/2018

“ I only started working with Barbara late this spring, and I have been a customer of hers ever since. Because of her diligence and success rate, I will go to no one else to execute the paperwork services of my case. The job is completed in record time and you are guaranteed to be satisfied with her work. She makes me wish that things worked like this all the time nowadays and has expedited the serving process in my case exponentially. I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of getting something done and getting it done NOW. ”

Christina Geraci

private investigator reviews california 14/11/2015

“ I went to Kinsey Investigations to locate an old High School friend and Barbra found her in a phenomenal amount of time. Aside from locating this friend, she helped me set up a meeting with her and eventually helped said friend with her divorce. The services Barbra provided for my friend and me was exceptional, efficient, and thorough. I strongly recommend Kinsey Investigations for all investigation needs. ”

Kalie Pfohl

private investigator reviews california 14/11/2015

“ I found the company was very professional, communicative and thorough. Barbara was especially great through my entire process and my case had a great outcome. I highly recommend the company! ”

Michelle Munz

private investigator reviews california 14/10/2015

“ The investigators help our company preview potential tenants in our residential and commercial buildings. Usually with information within only a few days. They have also helped in locating previous tenants who have suddenly disappeared without fulfilling their contracts. We have saved a tremendous amount in legal fees. Thank You Kinsey Investigations ”

Harold Greenwald

private investigator reviews california 14/10/2015

“ Thank you. I am glad you reconnected after 30 years but you promised to email us and let us know how it went?? (?? ”

Christopher Hudson