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Kinsey Investigations is a full-service, licensed and bonded private investigator in Los Angeles, with our LA County office centrally located in Marina del Rey. While we specialize in missing person’s cases and family law, we also deal with infidelity and cheating spouse investigations. Our professional investigators and surveillance experts conduct a wide range of other investigative and related services for a variety of clients, including: private individuals, attorneys and law firms, businesses and corporations, organizations, and insurance agencies in and around the Los Angeles and Orange County areas as well as throughout the entire state of California. We understand that every investigation is different and every situation is unique. That is why our experienced California licensed private investigators work with all of our clients on an individual basis to evaluate the situation at hand, formulate the best solution to help meet your needs, and apply our expert investigative skills to successfully deliver results – all at competitive fees designed to fit your budget. When your situation calls for a professional private investigator in Los Angeles, you need the experienced, licensed and affordable detectives of Kinsey Investigations working on your case to get the results you need.  All of our investigations and detective services are handled promptly, professionally, and with complete confidentiality.

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What a private investigator in Los Angeles can do for you?

Find Someones Money los angeles

Find Someone’s Money

Check on Someone’s Past  los angeles

Check on Someone’s Past 

Follow or Watch Someone

Follow or Watch Someone

Find Someone los angeles

Find Someone

Who can hire a Private Investigator?

Just about anyone but the usual people that hire PI’s are attorneys, businesses, family members for domestic investigations …all of them can hire private investigators to help solve their problems and get the evidence they need.More

How Much Does a PI Cost to Follow Someone?

When the question is one of cheating spouse, what we call infidelity or adultery, for example, a partner who is in another relationship can potentially be confirmed in a couple of hours. Some cases are not so easy and it might take several days. Some investigators won’t handle domestic assignments so make sure they will.More 

How to Investigate a Cheating Spouse

If your spouse has always been a “private” person, even with you, this may not indicate an affair. But if your spouse was previously open with you, and suddenly is withdrawn and is keeping things from you that he or she previously shared, this could indicate an affair. More 

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“ EXCEPTIONAL!!! There’s not a better P.I. around. How rare is it to encounter a P.I. who cares? Kinsey Investigations is the place other private investigators go when they can’t solve a case. I was skeptical when someone told me this because of previous experience with other P.I.s. Thank goodness I called!
Thank you for your dedication, commitment and caring you’ve shown my family. ”

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“ This is a great firm for private investigation services. Our company needed specific details that only Barbara was able to secure. We worked with another provider but had no luck. I highly recommend hiring Kinsey Investigations, you will get the results you need! Ask for Barbara, she is amazing! ”

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“ I own a legal services business and for 5 years, I have used Kinsey Investigations, Private Investigator services. They are professional, very thorough in their work and timely on their delivery. I highly recommend their services. ”

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