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Business background checks are vital for businesses before engaging in any activity with a potential partner. Though most business relationships are conducted amicably, you can’t take any chances with a corporate entity that you have just met.

Doing business with the wrong company or person can come at a substantial cost to your company. Kinsey Investigations will help you find all the essential information you need using a variety of investigative methods including searching several databases exclusively available to investigators and attorneys. Once you have confirmed vital information about a company, you are better equipped to make the most beneficial decisions for your business.

Types of Due Diligence

  • Legal – Legal due diligence determines if the target company is embroiled in any legal issues or if they follow the law. In this process, contracts, compliance doctrine, corporate documents, and board meeting minutes are examined.
  • Financial – Financial due diligence aims to gain an understanding of the overall financial performance and to detect underlying financial issues of a target company. This includes checking the target company’s revenue, profit, and growth trends, short and long-term debts, stock history and options, balance sheets, income and cash flow statements.
  • Business – Business due diligence refers to the prudent approach of organizations in assessing risks before engaging or completing transactions. These types of audits can unearth potential issues that could hurt a company in the future. Examples of steps organizations who practice due diligence take include considering the environmental impact of a transaction, evaluating the price compared to competitors, or researching customer reviews among others.
  • Operational – Operational due diligence aims to evaluate the assets, facilities, and technology of a company to uncover possible liabilities and hidden risks. An example of this is a comprehensive audit done internally to check if the company can meet strict external standards to conform to certifications. 
  • Human Resources – Human Resources due diligence aims to understand the company’s organizational structure, union contracts if applicable, compensation and benefits, as well as any employee disputes.
  • Strategic Fit – Strategic due diligence aims to assess if the target company is aligned with their goals, objectives, mission, and vision to determine if the two companies can work well together.
  • Environmental – Environmental due diligence aims to evaluate if a company complies with existing environmental regulations. The purpose is to eliminate the possibility of being subjected to penalties or losing credibility. 
  • Self-Assessment – Self-assessment due diligence aims to determine a company’s own goals or if their courses of action align with their corporate objectives, principles, mission, and vision.

Common Business Background and Due Diligence Check Purposes

  • New Clients: Confirming the legitimacy of new clients will ensure that your business will have a productive and long-term relationship with the potential client. 
  • Suppliers: Assuring the quality of your products starts with understanding the quality of your suppliers. 
  • Partnerships: Closely examining the person you’ll be forming a partnership with is vital. Since you will be closely associated with them, it helps that you ensure they are clear of any history of wrongdoing.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Insights into the identity of the business such as its officers, executives, and key personnel are essential to ensure that you are dealing with the right people.
  • Investments: Engaging in an important investment decision involves many unknowns. Having due diligence checks is helpful for making informed decisions, especially those of substantial scale.
  • Franchising: You may consider purchasing a franchise. Due diligence background checks are vital to give yourself the relevant information you need for a sound business decision.
  • Commercial Lending: You can’t take chances with your loans to other businesses. Due diligence investigations can give you peace of mind.

Consenting to Business Background Checks

Legitimate companies or potential partners will readily consent to a business background check. However, there are instances that some of them don’t and may try to hide something. If your business is associated with such partners, it can substantially damage your finances and your company’s reputation. Does the company have a history of bankruptcies? Are they engaging in unethical business activities?

Services Included in Our Corporate Background Check:

  • Credit report of the business
  • Current and previous property ownership
  • Employer Identification Number if applicable
  • Information on licenses, permits, corporate filing, and business registrations
  • Internet domain names registered
  • Lawsuits, liens, judgments, and corporate records
  • Name and address of the business, list of owners and officers
  • Possible bankruptcies or Bankruptcy Docket Sheet
  • Possible current motor vehicle ownership
  • Products sold by the business
  • UCC filings, associated companies, associated people

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