If you are even questioning the other’s commitment, contact us. If you have any doubts or concerns, and before you make a major commitment, you may want to consider a background check. The background check may determine if they are really who they say they are. (You wouldn’t believe some of the things we have found!). Have they ever been married, or worse yet, still married? Do they have children you are unaware of, and behind on child support? Do they have a criminal record? Listed below are services now available to help give you peace of mind, and to possibly keep you from being a victim.

Internet Dating is by far the fastest-growing method used by single individuals with hopes of meeting that person of their dreams.

Relationship Backgrounds Los Angeles

This method of finding a mate has been a fantastic experience for some, and a nightmare for others. Unfortunately there are individuals that prey on persons who are vulnerable and trusting. It is those select few individuals who use lies, fraud, betrayal and deception to establish a relationship.

Some are con artists that convince “new love” that they are the catch of a lifetime. After the imposter has warmed their way into the victim’s life, the ulterior motive takes over, whatever motive that may be. Afterwards, the victim is often too embarrassed or ashamed to come forward to admit they have been duped.

Even the traditional and customary methods of meeting someone, such as an introduction by someone, meeting at a Nightclub, social event or church function can have an embarrassing outcome.

  •     Background Profile
  •     Credit History
  •     Criminal Record
  •     Dating Others Online
  •     Divorce Search
  •     DWI Record
  •     Income History
  •     Judgment, Liens, Bankruptcy
  •     Marriage Search
  •     Number of Children
  •     Property Ownership
  •     Real Name & DOB
  •     Video Surveillance
  •     Who They Are Living With

You let us know how in-depth you want us to look. Polygraph Examiner

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