14 signs will betray a cheating spouse in Los Angeles during quarantine!

Infidelity is a problem faced by many relationships. Although it becomes difficult to go out often due to pandemic, cyber cheating is still an option.

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A day in the life of a Private Investigator in Los Angeles

A Friend’s Perspective – Written by “Hugo”

Barbara is not just a Private Investigator in Los Angeles, she is a personal friend of mine. I always worry about her safety. I would ask her “where are you?” or “what are you doing?” I almost always did not like the answer.

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A Day In The Life Of A Private Investigator Kinsey Investigations – Anneliese Wilson

The day started off in Los Angeles as any day working with a fellow Private Investigator in L.A. should – by meeting in a suspiciously empty car park and getting the quick rundown on what to expect. The investigator’s name was Barbara and I was surprised at how long the answer was when I asked: “what’s on the cards for today?”. Just a casual days’ work sounded like a full week’s worth back at home but I soon learned that I was in the presence of a professional Private Investigator in Los Angeles and we were now in the big leagues.

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Need a missing child investigator in Los Angeles? Read this story!

Being a full-service private investigator in Los Angeles for so long, we have seen and solved so many cases of missing persons in California and, in particular, in LA. Here’s a typical case of a missing daughter, our private investigators in LA share the story:

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Finding a missing person – Our Private investigators featured in the Media!


It is very difficult to find a missing person in Los Angeles, but we receive calls all the time.
There are many pieces to the puzzle.

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What to Expect from A Good Private Investigator in Los Angeles?

A cheating spouse, a missing person in Los Angeles, looking for peace of mind with a Pre-Marital and Relationship Background check…Many situations might require hiring a private investigator. You can get several private investigators in Los Angeles, but getting the right one is one of the toughest challenges people face, and nobody will like to be spending money without reaping any benefits.

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All You Need to Know About Fraud Private Investigation in Los Angeles

What is a Fraud Investigation?

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What Does a Private Investigator Do on a Daily Basis?

A Private investigator (PI), plays a critical role in helping individuals, law enforcement agencies, and corporate bodies investigate, research, and gather information. Some of the duties of a private investigator are helping to find missing persons, performing research for legal and financial organizations, and criminal investigations. As a licensed private investigator, you work for private citizens, attorneys, or businesses.

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Top 10 tasks a private investigator can do for you in 2020

From TV series such as Breaking Bad, Veronica Mars, Private Eyes, Strike, Scandal and the likes, we have definitely seen private investigators in action.

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Suspecting a cheating spouse? Our private investigators in Los Angeles can help you!

A cheating spouse is hard to catch, posing as a daunting task for many. The fact that you are not a detective might make it almost impossible for you to apprehend a cheating spouse or also spot the glaring signs that your spouse is cheating. A cheating spouse usually tries to cover up their tracks to prevent any suspicion. 

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