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“Who’s the best private investigator near me?”
“Who’s the best female private investigator near me?”
If you’re in the Los Angeles area, the answer to both these questions is Kinsey Investigations. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Our dozens of online 5-star reviews speak for themselves, and now, for the third year, has ranked Kinsey Investigations among the Best Private Investigators in Los Angeles. Our team of female private investigators excel in their work, and our Los Angeles private detective agency is also known as the California private investigations firm with a heart. That’s because our P.I.s know how to approach sensitive cases with compassion and professionalism. From Malibu and Beverly Hills to Santa Monica and Long Beach, Kinsey Investigations offers everything from process service to cheating spouse investigations. If you want to work with the best Los Angeles private investigations firm, call Kinsey Investigations.

What Makes Us the Best L.A. Private Investigators? Private Investigator with a Heart - A person wearing a jacket holds a heart-shaped box.

Earlier this year, released its 2024 picks for the best professionals across many cities and industries. Not surprisingly, Kinsey Investigations ranked among the Best Private Investigators in Los Angeles, our third time making the list! To determine their rankings, considers many factors including the number and average rating of online reviews, how many different review sites a business is represented on, and even secret shopper evaluations of various contenders’ professionalism. We first made the list in 2021 and again last year, in 2023. We’ve said it before, and clearly, you don’t have to take our word for it – we’re not only the best female private detectives near you; we’re one of the best California private investigations firms – period.

Being a full-service, licensed and insured Los Angeles private detective agency makes this distinction that much more impressive, because we’re not a niche or boutique firm specializing in only one or two types of private investigations services. Click on the investigations and services page of our website, and you’ll find everything from process service of legal documents to child custody and child support investigations. We also serve both individual and corporate clients, never shying away from the most technical and complex cases or the most sensitive and emotional. In the same day, we might be running a pre-employment background check for a business client in Brentwood and following up on a tip about a missing person in Los Angeles, running surveillance on a suspected cheating spouse and continuing a company evaluation for a thorough corporate security investigation. We do it all, and we do it all very well

The extensive training and experience that Kinsey Investigations brings to our work certainly helps us maintain such high standards for our private investigation services. With more than two decades of experience, all of it from right here in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, we not only bring superior expertise to our cases, but superior knowledge of places like Santa Monica, Bel Air and Long Beach. Many California private investigation firms come and go, but Kinsey Investigations has stood the test of time, precisely for these reasons. Our dozens of online reviews bear this out, and we encourage anyone considering our services to have a look at them.

Something else that sets us apart from our competitor firms is our sense of urgency. When we take on a case, we never waste time. We’re not always the first firm that our clients call, but we stake our reputation on being the last. We hear stories all the time of clients coming to us after waiting days, weeks, or longer for progress in their case. From delayed process service stalling legal proceedings to precious hours and days going by in high-stakes missing persons cases, the difference can mean a lot more than wasted time. The very real costs of delayed investigations and legal services can certainly include time and money, but may also expand into worry and wellbeing, the health and safety of children or other vulnerable family members, and unfortunately, sometimes life and death. Even for lower-stakes cases, waiting to start working with an effective private investigations firm doesn’t make sense. At Kinsey Investigations, any case that’s important to our client is important to us.

California Private Investigations Firm with a Heart!

But there’s one more thing that may be the most important in terms of our stellar reputation. We’re known from all over the Los Angeles area – Malibu, Beverly Hills, Brentwood and Westwood – as the California private investigations firm with a heart. Because we’ve made such a positive impact on their lives, many of our past clients still keep in touch with us, sending family updates and invitations to important milestone events like school sports tournaments, graduations, and more. Our female private detectives have the emotional intelligence to approach sensitive and highly emotional cases with our hearts as much as our heads. We understand that providing the best service can be just as much about compassion as it is about expertise and professionalism. We’re honored to make’s list for a third time, but the people whose opinions matter most to us will always be our clients.