Hiring a Private Investigator to Find Someone Who Doesn’t Want to Be Found

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Hiring a private investigator to find someone is not always a case of a runaway child or a vulnerable adult. Sometimes, California private investigators are asked to locate missing persons who have skipped town purposefully, and do not wish to be found by the people or businesses looking for them. Skip tracing, as L.A. private investigators call these investigations, refers to locating missing persons in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California who have left town to avoid paying debts or settling other important business. Unpaid rent or other debts are common reasons that “skips” attempt to go off-grid. Committing fraud or engaging in other illegal activity may also be the impetus for someone to cut off contact and leave their known place of residence. In California, there is no waiting period to report someone missing, and the first hours and days of a skip tracing investigation are just as important as the earliest part of any missing person’s case. If you need to find someone who owes you money or other business or legal satisfaction, don’t wait! Call Kinsey Investigations today.

Skip Tracing Private Investigations

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When we talk about locating missing persons in Los Angeles, we often imagine children or other vulnerable individuals who have run away or been abducted. However, as L.A. private investigators know, sometimes the people we’re hired to find don’t fit either of those descriptions. Another difference – they’re far from eager to be found. We get calls from people looking to hire a private investigator to find someone, because the missing person has left town or attempted to go into hiding to avoid paying debts or settling other important business. California private investigators refer to these missing persons as “skips,” and these types of investigations as “skip tracing” because the individual has skipped town. Our job, then, becomes tracing them down.

Adults may try to skip town for many reasons such as owing rent payments, after committing some kind of fraud, or to avoid arrest or litigation. One way that skip tracing cases are the same as other missing persons investigations is that the longer someone waits to call a private investigator, the more difficult the case becomes. The first hours and days in any type of missing person’s case are the most important. When children or vulnerable adults go missing, their health and safety are the primary concerns, but when it comes to skip tracing, the primary concern becomes how much time the skip has to travel further outside the area or make themselves more difficult to find through other means. There’s no waiting period in California to report someone missing, so anytime you’re hiring a private investigator to find someone, no matter who or why the person is missing, it’s important to call as soon as possible.

Best Los Angeles County Investigator for Skip Tracing

To locate missing persons, especially those who don’t want to be found, Los Angeles private detective agencies can employ various tactics from our extensive list of private investigations services. Interviewing known associates and conducting surveillance may come into play, but in this day and age, it’s hard for someone to move around without leaving a digital footprint of some kind. Everything from phone location tracking to credit card histories, social media investigations, and utility or subscription service records can point a digital finger to where the skip has gone. Once we have a lead, our team of female private investigators can move quickly to avoid tipping the skip off and/or giving them time to move again.

Kinsey Investigations is a full-service, licensed and insured California private investigations firm. We have more than 20 years’ experience with skip tracing and many other private investigations services. This year, Expertise.com named us among the Best Private Investigators in Los Angeles for the third time. We’re not only the best female private detectives’ we’re among the best Los Angels private detective agencies – period. We excel at everything from highly emotional family law investigations to highly technical forensics, and business corporate investigation services. Both women and men report feeling more comfortable working with a female private investigator, and we can promise the utmost professionalism and expedience for every case we take on. If you need to hire a detective to find someone, call Kinsey Investigations, right away.