When You Suspect Infidelity – Advice from a Cheating Detective

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L.A. private investigators handle Los Angeles infidelity investigations on a regular basis. Every California private investigator can be a cheating detective, though individuals and agencies have various specialties to offer that may or may not include cheating spouse investigations. Kinsey Investigations is a full-service Los Angeles private detective agency, licensed and insured throughout the state. When it comes to adultery or cheating spouse investigations, we have more than 20 years’ experience finding the truth and helping our clients gather evidence and determine their next course of action safely and legally. How much a cheating investigator costs will depend heavily on the individual circumstances of the case. What we can promise everyone who chooses to work with Kinsey Investigations, however, is professional and compassionate service. We’re known as the California private investigations firm with a heart, and we’re the preferred firm for highly emotional cases, as cheating spouse investigations tend to be.

Call a Cheating Detective Before Confronting Your Spouse

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If you suspect your spouse of cheating, your first instinct may be to confront them immediately. However, as any California private investigator can tell you, it pays in more ways than one, to contact a Los Angeles private detective agency first. The number of reasons for this depends on several circumstances including how much, if any, proof you have as well as the various ways your partner is likely to react. What you don’t want, and what a professional can help you prevent is for your partner to get rid of important evidence that could help you prevail in court or for them to retaliate against you in any way that could damage your case, destabilize your living situation, or result in physical injury or worse. Calling in a cheating detective before confronting your husband or wife is the safest bet. You may be wondering how much a cheating investigator costs, but the reality is you’ll save so much more in the long run, not the least of which may be your sanity and wellbeing.

How can you know if your spouse is cheating? Naturally, an unfaithful partner is unlikely to make their adultery obvious, though we have occasionally been shocked by how blatant and careless some cheaters are. If infidelity investigations in Los Angeles and the surrounding area have taught us anything, it’s that while the same threads run through many investigations, every case of a cheating spouse looks a little different. In general, changes to your spouse’s routine and an increased need for privacy, especially around their phone, email, or financial accounts, can all be red flags. Is your husband, who’s never been a workaholic before, suddenly working late more nights than not? Has your wife who used to leave her unlocked phone lying around suddenly started keeping it closer and locking it with a PIN she hasn’t shared with you? These changes could be signs that your spouse has something to hide. Because it may or may not be infidelity, it pays to gather more information before taking any action.

You may also be wondering which California private investigations firm to call and whether they all offer infidelity investigations. While individual agencies and investigators have their specialties, any private detective licensed in California can work as a cheating detective. Cheating spouse investigations utilize many of the same skills and techniques used across the majority of private investigations services. Activity checks, digital forensics, social media investigations, and surveillance may all come into play, depending on the details in the case. However, Kinsey Investigations female private investigators naturally have more to offer in terms of approaching your compassionately and with as much attention to your feelings as to fact-finding.

How Much Does a Cheating Investigator Cost?

How much does a cheating investigator cost, and does it hurt to try to find more information yourself? The answer to both these questions are, “it depends.” Your first priority when you suspect adultery should always be your safety and that of your family. You might think you know your spouse well enough to predict how they’ll react if you confront them, but consider this. If someone is willing to commit adultery and lie to you, what else may they be capable of that you would never have predicted? If you have immediate concerns for your safety or that of other vulnerable family members, you must prioritize those before moving forward.

Gathering evidence, surveilling someone, and digging for clues within their messaging, social media, or other communication are all made more difficult when you’re someone the person would recognize. Whereas an L.A. private investigator can undertake these activities covertly without attracting attention or suspicion. Once you know more about the truth in your situation, you’ll be better equipped to determine your next steps and how you’ll proceed safely and with your family’s and your own best interest in mind. Kinsey Investigations’ team of female private detectives can help you. Just give us a call.