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The best L.A. private investigators understand, when handling a wrongful death investigation, compassion and sensitivity become just as important as expertise and professionalism. In California, wrongful death investigations come into play for many reasons including workplace hazards, corporate negligence, or other dangerous or criminal behavior. Among Los Angeles private detective agencies in this male-dominated industry, Kinsey Investigations stands out with its team of dedicated female private investigators. We bring a unique blend of professionalism, tenacity, and emotional intelligence that is invaluable when dealing with highly sensitive issues like wrongful death cases. Whether you’re in Malibu or Beverly Hills, Brentwood or Long Beach, our women-owned California private investigations firm embodies the perfect combination of technical expertise and compassionate service.

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The death of a loved one is one of the most painful realities a person can face. Finding out that their death was unnecessary and the result of negligence or nefarious intentions makes the loss even more crushing. From perilous workplace conditions and unsafe consumer products to reckless behavior, these unanticipated tragedies may arise from several scenarios that all lead to the same grievous end. When faced with the wrongful death of a loved one, while nothing can truly right the wrong, California law gives those left behind the legal means to hold the responsible persons or businesses to account. Whether for financial relief or the assurance that no one else will ever suffer the same tragedy, the family of someone who suffered a wrongful death has two years to file a legal claim. For cases like these, it pays to work with a licensed Los Angeles private investigator to help determine the likelihood of success, gather evidence in the case, and guide the bereaved family through the ins and outs of the legal process.

As mentioned before, wrongful deaths may result from many different scenarios. Following are a few examples of common causes in California.

Workplace Hazards:
Industrial accidents and other workplace safety issues are all too frequent, often due to inadequate employee training or faulty equipment—details that might go unnoticed to the untrained eye. An L.A. private investigator, however, possesses the skill and expertise to thoroughly investigate these workplace incidents and identify any overlooked elements that could be crucial in a wrongful death claim. Perhaps a safety protocol was inadequate or a fellow employee didn’t follow the proper procedure. Maybe management was aware of deteriorating conditions or unsafe equipment and failed to act in time. A Los Angeles County investigator knows what to look for and how to traverse all levels of an organization and its management until we find the truth.

Dangerous Consumer Products:
Our lives are inundated with consumer products. From the toys our children play with to the home goods and appliances we use daily, and even the medical equipment in our homes or medical offices for health maintenance, we’re surrounded by numerous items designed to provide convenience, comfort and care. However, if these products turn out to be poorly made, contain dangerous materials, or deteriorate in ways that make them unsafe to use, they can lead to unimaginable tragedies. In moments like these, a professional Los Angeles detective can help uncover the truth and gather the evidence necessary and admissible in court.

Negligence and Recklessness:
Every year, reckless or negligent behavior by individuals or corporations result in wrongful deaths. Drunk driving, hazardous material spills, and medical malpractice are only a fraction of the wrongdoing that can have fatal consequences. When a drunk person gets behind the wheel of a car, when a corporation cuts corners around public safety, when medical negligence or incompetence costs someone their life, count on a California private investigator to help you find the truth and bring it to light.

Kinsey Investigations – The Best Choice for Wrongful Death Cases

In these, and other types of wrongful death circumstances, the importance of working with a Los Angeles private detective agency cannot be overstated. California law dictates specific guidelines related to wrongful death claims. Importantly, there is a two-year statute of limitations on filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Even if criminal charges have already been filed, family members may still be able to file a separate wrongful death case. Understanding these regulations is a task not many are equipped to handle, especially in a time of grief. And this is where a Los Angeles private detective agency like Kinsey Investigations can step in to guide you through the intricacies of the legal process

In the face of wrongful death situations, time is of the essence. Kinsey Investigations, urges bereaved loved ones to reach out to a licensed private investigator as soon as possible. Our firm was recently named among the best private investigators in Los Angeles by for the third time, and there’s a reason we continue to have a community reputation as the private investigations firm with a heart. With our extensive experience and thorough training, we know exactly what kind of evidence is required and admissible in court. The sooner you call, the sooner Kinsey Investigations can help you begin your search for justice.