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The demand for relationship background checks is something that any seasoned California private investigator will have encountered. L.A. private investigators have seen it all, over the years, and they can attest that choosing to conduct a pre-marital background check or intimate partner investigation, as the case may be, can save people from many woeful outcomes down the road. While you or your partner may feel strange about the idea of a relationship background private investigation, any awkward or hurt feelings pale in comparison to the devastation of dealing with a cheating spouse or the fallout from a failed relationship, especially if children become part of the equation. Every month, California private investigators conduct dozens of Los Angeles infidelity investigations and gather evidence for child support and child custody investigations in L.A. Malibu, Long Beach and elsewhere. So many cases of adultery, divorce and other family law litigations could have been avoided if the adults involved had chosen to work with a California private investigations firm before taking the next steps in their relationships. Before you commit to moving in with your partner, combining finances, or becoming parents, it pays to hire a Los Angeles private detective agency to conduct an intimate partner private investigation.

Intimate Partner Investigations by Los Angeles Detective Agencies

Getting married and raising children are examples societal norms and expectations that remain entrenched within the cultural imagination of many countries around the world. While awareness and understanding of different relationship orientations and choices have increased in the 21st century, U.S. culture continues to hold up marriage and parenthood among its most conventional and desirable life choices. For those who do decide to seek one or more life partners, how wisely they go about making those choices will significantly impact their overall happiness and quality of life, over time. And while we all hate to imagine that our most intimate relationships might be built on anything less than honesty, respect, and genuine care, glossing over struggles with a partner or ignoring red flags in your love life can lead to disastrous results down the road. This is where the services of a licensed Los Angeles private investigator may save you a great deal of suffering.

Marriage is the milestone that many adults imagine as the most important in a relationship; however, every step that leads to greater intimacy and interdependence with another person should be embarked upon slowly and thoughtfully. While marriage is one example, for some people, it might be moving in with a partner, or merging finances with their significant other. Before taking on any of these greater commitments, it pays to be sure that you’re offering up your trust to someone who’s worthy of it. While they’re often called pre-marital background checks, an intimate partner private investigation is a good idea for anyone looking to take the next step in a romantic relationship, whether that’s cohabitation, engagement, or something else. A California private investigator can conduct a thorough background check on your significant other to be sure they’re being honest about who they are as well as their past (and even current) relationship status. Any time children enter the picture, the stakes of these investigations rise significantly, and you wouldn’t believe some of the situations uncovered by Los Angeles private detective agencies over the years.

Female Private Investigators Best for Intimate Partner Investigations

Kinsey Investigationsfemale private investigators already have an advantage taking on intimate partner background investigations, because both women and men (and children) often feel more comfortable speaking with us. Our presence in many settings including neighborhoods, schools, childcare and medical facilities, etc. attracts less attention than that of our male counterparts. Female private detectives naturally put people at ease; so we have an easier time getting the answers to our clients’ inquiries. Whether we’re looking to observe a situation, unnoticed, or ask a direct series of questions to someone, we can often find what we’re looking for with a lot less friction from bystanders, witnesses, or even the subjects of the investigation themselves. Before you take on a greater commitment in your romantic relationship, do your future a favor and contact Kinsey Investigations for a relationship background investigation.