Hire a Los Angeles Private Detective to Find Hidden Assets

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In California, both private and corporate clients may hire a Los Angeles private detective to conduct a hidden assets private investigation. The reasons that an individual or organization might need to work with a California private investigations firm to determine someone’s true net worth span a broad spectrum. However, some of the most common are family law disputes and bankruptcy fraud for individuals, and joint business ventures or executive level pre-employment background checks for organizations. Kinsey Investigations is a licensed and insured Los Angeles private detective agency with more than two decades of experience in all kinds of hidden assets investigations. Our female private detectives have the upper hand in cases involving sensitive family disputes, and we naturally put both men and women at ease, giving us a better chance of getting the information our clients need. Privacy laws, especially in the state of California, can make assets and hidden finance investigations particularly difficult, especially if an inexperienced L.A. private investigator is hired to handle the case. Kinsey Investigations brings our extensive experience to these and all our investigation services with novel techniques and creative solutions to solve all sorts of cases for our clients.

Concealed Assets & Hidden Finances Private Investigations

What are hidden assets private investigations and who might need them? To begin answering these questions, we must first understand what hidden assets are, in and of themselves. While things like secret bank accounts, hidden safes, and luxury vehicles come to mind, the reality is that property of any kind, if it is worth a significant amount of money, may be considered an asset. And, it doesn’t need to be kept in an offshore account or stored at an undisclosed location to be considered “hidden.” Hidden assets private investigations turn up all sorts of property, everything from monetary assets to real estate and vehicles, as well as more novel investments including expensive collectibles, high-end jewelry or clothing, antiques, etc. You might think of individuals making attempts to hide their net worth from debt collectors or even their family members; however, Los Angeles private detective agencies are also hired to investigate companies and other types of organization prior to important business deals, executive hiring decisions, mergers, etc.

When an individual hires us to investigate potential hidden assets by another individual, the cases usually grow out of contentious divorces, alimony, or child support investigations in L.A. and the surrounding areas. Some cases of court-ordered payments not related to family law can also lead someone to request a hidden assets private investigation. Whenever an investigation grows out of a sensitive family law case, Kinsey Investigations comes highly-recommended, even among our competitor firms, because our team of female private investigators have not only the experience, but the emotional intelligence to handle them. And we’re just as good at what we do when the situation is less personal. If for any legal reason, you need to know if someone is trying to hide their true net worth from you, make Kinsey Investigations the first California private investigations firm you call.

Hidden Assets Private Investigations for Corporate Clients

Sometimes, even businesses need to investigate an individual as opposed to another business or organization. This can happen if a court orders someone to pay damages to a business, or in cases of bankruptcy, if someone attempts to conceal their assets to minimize what they owe their creditors. For very important hiring, collaboration, or company mergers in the business world, it also pays to be sure the person or organization you’re looking to work with is providing an accurate representation of their net worth. Especially in cases when two organizations will be cooperating on an expensive project or contract, ensuring that each is taking on the appropriate amount of financial responsibility and risk can reduce the odds of nasty surprises, down the road. Whether the parties in a hidden assets private investigation are individuals, businesses or a combination of the two, there’s almost no limit to how high the stakes in these cases may rise.

Kinsey Investigations’ team of female private investigators have an excellent track record in hidden finance and concealed assets private investigations. Both men and women report feeling more comfortable talking to female private detectives. We naturally put people at ease and bring an important measure of compassion and emotional intelligence to sensitive family law cases. Whether you’re a private or a corporate client, and whether you need to find the net worth of another person or a business entity, give our offices a call today.