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Work with an experienced female private investigator for your child custody or child support investigation in Los Angeles or Orange County. Kinsey Investigations is the top child support and child custody private investigations firm in southern California. Our female private investigators are parents too, and we have the experience and the emotional intelligence to handle these sensitive family law cases. How long does a child custody case take in California? Quite a few factors will influence the answer in each individual situation; however, the sooner you call Kinsey Investigations, the sooner we can begin augmenting the process for you. Even our competitor firms refer us! We come highly recommend with dozens of five-star online reviews and have been named more than once among the best Los Angeles private investigators by We’re licensed and insured throughout the state, but perhaps most importantly, we’re the California private investigations firm with a heart, as dedicated as you are to keeping your children well taken care of and your whole family safe.

Child Custody Investigator Child Support Investigator - A smiling toddler reaches for their parent's face.Who wins most child custody cases? The truth is every case is different just as every family is different. Once you hire Kinsey Investigations, we make your child’s welfare our greatest priority. Whether you’re looking to establish a fair child support agreement or have concerns for your child’s safety or wellbeing while in the care of a coparent or stepparent, Kinsey Investigations has the training and expertise to gather the evidence needed to make your case. Our female private investigators understand that determining a fair arrangement for child support comes down to much more than dollars and cents. Sometimes our child custody clients are just looking for peace of mind, but in other cases they may already suspect that their ex or another coparent/stepparent of negligence or abuse. Whether it’s court-admissible evidence for legal proceedings or merely peace of mind, we can discretely observe and document the time your child spends under their care. Whatever the goal, we’ll find the truth and help you fight for your family.

Determining a fair and appropriate child support agreement can be one of the most contentious parts about a divorce or other child custody dispute. And when one or both parents’ situation changes, amending these agreements may become even more difficult, especially if anyone is being deceptive about their financial or living situation. Los Angeles private detectives can take on child support investigations whether our client is trying to reach an initial agreement or amend an existing one. Changes to either parent’s employment, relationship, or financial/living situation may all affect how much they should contribute toward their child’s care. When disagreements arise, as they often do, or when a parent fails to disclose such a change, a California private investigator can get to the bottom of the matter and even testify in court if need be.

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Child custody cases can be just as, if not more, contentious and emotionally charged as child support cases. Especially in cases of split custody, so many factors may become cause for concern, and the road to changing an existing custody agreement is rarely straightforward. Child custody clients usually come to Kinsey Investigations, because they want the very best for their family, and they need our help to make their case. Children can only benefit from time spent with a parent so long as that parent remains loving and dedicated to their wellbeing. When parents or other caregivers suffer from untreated mental illness, have substance abuse issues, or check out of taking proper responsibility of their child for any reason, it’s time to act. The sooner you contact Kinsey Investigations, the sooner we can begin gathering the evidence you need to negotiate the healthiest living situation for your family.

Trust Kinsey Investigations with your child support or child custody investigation. As we said before, we’re parents too, and once you contact us, we won’t waste any time getting started on your case. We’re called the California private investigations firm with a heart, because even years after their cases are closed, many of the families we help keep in touch with us, sending family updates and inviting us to milestone events like birthday parties, school sporting events, and even weddings. We are invited to share the best of times with these families, because we saw them through the worst of times, and we can do the same for you.