Digital Forensics Enhancing Los Angeles Private Investigations

These days, a typical California private investigator’s work involves a lot more than just following subjects around in person. Most every Los Angeles private detective uses modern tactics including state-of-the-art computer forensics when investigating a case. Kinsey Investigations is a leading private investigation firm in Los Angeles and Orange counties, licensed and insured throughout California. From places like Malibu and Hollywood to Long Beach, our highly trained private detectives can gather evidence from a suspect’s online presence including social media or even conduct digital forensics investigations on their devices including cell phones, tablets and personal computers.

Hows and Whys of Digital Forensics in Modern California Private Investigations

Los Angeles private detective agencies may use computer forensics investigations for a wide range of purposes: from confirming an identity to investigating cybercrimes (everything from phone scams to phishing emails) or confirming the origin of a document. Businesses and employers may hire a California private investigations firm to look deeply into the online behavior of potential new hires or prospective corporate partners. Computer forensics can also be used in cases involving fraud, infidelity, extortion, identity theft, intellectual property theft, and more.

Online activities including Internet purchases and financial transactions all leave digital trails that our experienced Los Angeles private investigators know how to follow. We can recover deleted files and data to provide additional insight into many other kinds of cases. For example, digital forensics investigations can help determine the location of an employee’s computer who may claim to be working remotely in Pasadena but is actually vacationing in Hawaii. Or, if a cheating spouse from Santa Monica has created separate accounts to cover his hotel reservations or gifts for his paramour in Bel Air, a Kinsey Investigations can uncover these details and connect them back to the spouse.

One of the most significant ways a private investigator can help in a digital forensics case is through recovering deleted or damaged data. Even if someone has deleted files or scrubbed their online history in an attempt to cover their tracks, Kinsey Investigations has ways of recovering this data, especially if we can gain access to their device(s). Through specialized tools and techniques, a digital forensics expert can often find hidden or deleted information that is directly relevant to your case. It is important to note that computer forensics is a complex process, which is why you should seek help from a professional investigator to ensure nothing is lost or damaged beyond repair. This is another reason Kinsey Investigations maintains industry-specific insurance so our clients will never be held financially liable in any case.

Social Media Private Investigations make up another important branch of digital forensics. Let’s take the two examples from above: if an employee is trying to get away with a secret vacation or a spouse is having an affair, they likely won’t be posting photos to any public social media accounts. A private investigator knows how to search for hidden accounts and connect with their targets through established, unassuming profiles of their own. These and other industry tactics can help that same Los Angeles private detective establish a timeline for how long the dishonesty has been going on and if there are other hidden details to be discovered.

Cell Phone Forensics An Important Tool for Private Investigators

Private investigators can gain a mountain of information from a subject’s cell phone, even when they are not using it. From tracking the device’s location based on connectivity to nearby cell towers to analyzing the metadata of pictures, text messages and more, tech-savvy L.A. private detectives can build a detailed timeline of a person’s locations and activities. You might be shocked by how much information Kinsey Investigations’ California private investigators can retrieve via cell phone forensics.

Of course, any evidence gathered, especially if our clients hope to use it in court, must be procured legally. That is why it is particularly important to hire a licensed detective who knows what’s legal and what will be permissible for a lawsuit. A private investigator will be able to give you that peace of mind and walk you through the steps of properly seizing a cell phone or other electronic device.

At the end of the day, digital footprints and cyber trails are a lot harder to cover than most people understand. Though it may take sophisticated equipment, a trained private investigator will have the tools necessary to find answers to the questions you are asking. Kinsey Investigations is a leading firm in technology-related cases. We can ensure the digital information and evidence available for your case are complete as possible and working for you.