California Worker’s Compensation and Other Fraud Investigations

In cases of suspected fraud, hiring a private investigator can restore or even prevent significant financial losses for individuals and organizations. Whether it is a worker’s compensation case, false insurance claim, or an internet scam, a private detective has the skills to uncover even the most complex fraudulent cases. Kinsey Investigations is a leading California private detective agency with extensive experience conducting all kinds of fraud investigations in Los Angeles and Orange counties. If you suspect you or your company has been a victim of fraud, hiring an L.A. area private investigator is the first step to prove it.

Private Investigations into Worker’s Compensation Fraud

Filing a worker’s compensation claim in California is not necessarily a very difficult process. California is a “no-fault” state, which means an employee does not have to prove someone else is at fault for their injury in order to file a claim. While that’s no excuse for filing a false claim, it’s easy to see how a no-fault state can be more vulnerable to worker’s compensation fraud. In fact, false worker’s compensation cases make up the majority of fraud-related arrests in California.

A California worker’s compensation fraud investigation can be as simple as surveilling the employee in question to see if their injury claims are true. It can also require an in-depth investigation into the employee’s doctors, lawyers and personal insurance representatives. In some cases, there is a conspiracy to exaggerate the injuries, required medical care and compensation. These cases can involve players spread out across multiple cities and counties, making a private investigator essential to ensure no stone goes unturned. A good Los Angeles private detective is familiar with all of southern California and knows how to identify suspected fraudulent doctors, lawyers, etc. even if they’re spread out from Malibu to Long Beach.

At the end of the day, worker’s compensation investigations are insurance fraud investigations. When an individual defrauds their employer, it affects more than the company’s bottom line. Insurance premiums go up, crime rates increase, and taxpayers end up paying the price. Kinsey Investigations has experience handling insurance fraud cases with claims that range from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars. We know how to identify intentional misinformation and document the evidence needed to prosecute cases of fraud in California.

Private Detective Services for All Types of Fraud Investigations

Beyond worker’s compensation, private investigations into health and auto insurance fraud are increasingly common in the Los Angeles area. When conducting an insurance fraud investigation, a private detective has to determine three key elements: intent, clear misrepresentation of facts, and a direct benefit as a result of said misrepresentation. Proving intent can be difficult, which is why hiring an experienced Los Angeles detective agency is a must.

For example, say someone who lives in Long Beach gets into a car accident in Santa Monica and takes their car to a nearby mechanic. The mechanic may try to overcharge the car owner’s insurance company for repairs or even charge for work they did not do. In this case, an L.A. private investigator would not only conduct surveillance on the mechanic’s shop but also look for any previous connection between the car owner and the mechanic or other evidence of purposeful deception by the owner. If there is no intent to provide false information on behalf of the car owner then only the mechanic is responsible for committing fraud.

There are dozens of other types of fraud crimes that happen every day from the well-known “Nigerian Prince” email scam to complex cases of identity theft. In any case, a California private investigation firm has the state of the art technology and skillset to track down fraudulent criminals and provide evidence that will hold up in a court of law. When looking for a good Los Angeles private detective, it is important to make sure that they themselves are well-insured. You do not want to be held responsible if any property damage occurs while the private detective is conducting your investigation.

Kinsey Investigations is both licensed and insured in California. We take extra precautions and use our years of experience to ensure that your worker’s compensation case or other fraud investigation goes smoothly and gives you the answers you need.