Choosing the Best Private Investigator in California

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Choosing the best California private investigations firm can make all the difference in how well and how quickly your case is handled. From relatively simple needs such as serving legal documents in Santa Monica to complex cases like corporate security investigations in Los Angeles, finding a P.I. who’s a good fit for and your case is well worth the additional effort. And as the stakes get higher (such as locating missing persons in Los Angeles, infidelity investigations and many types of family law cases), you won’t only need a firm that’s reputable, but the BEST private detective service in California!

The Basics of Choosing a California Private Detective Service

Most of us hope we never need the services of a private investigator. Even in less personal situations such as corporate security investigations and less painful cases like heir searches, most of us would prefer that we weren’t missing important information in the first place. Still, once you’ve determined your need to hire a California private investigations firm, it’s best to make sure you find one that’s properly licensed and insured.

When it comes to hiring an L.A. private investigator, you’re first requirement should be making sure they’re properly licensed. California private investigators are licensed by our state’s Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA). Any reputable private detective or private investigations firm will be able to not only give you their license number, but prove that it’s current. You can check on both the licensing and expiration dates on the DCA’s website. If a Los Angeles private investigator seems anything but eager to show you their license, you should move on. There’s no honest reason for them to hesitate.

Another mark of a quality private detective service is insurance. Many types of private investigations require the use of tactics and strategies that would be illegal for a lay person to carry out on their own. In addition to legality issues, property damage, bodily injury and other types of liability are part of many kinds of investigations. To avoid being held legally and financially liable for damage caused by a private investigator you’ve hired, you should check up-front if and what kinds of insurance the firm carries. You don’t want to pile any nasty legal surprises on top of whatever circumstances have led you to need P.I. services in the first place.

Researching Private Investigations Services from Los Angeles to Long Beach

Remember that you don’t have to make your choice based entirely on what the private investigator or their firm have to say. Like pretty much all other types of goods or services these days, online reviews can help guide you to the best high-quality option to meet your needs. Find online reviews for private investigators on various social media platforms, on Google and on directory listing sites such as Yelp and Angie’s List. A well-established, successful private investigations firm should have a high star-rating (if applicable) and plenty of good written reviews. Finding mostly bad reviews or finding few or no reviews at all is another good reason to look elsewhere.

Community and trade organizations and awards can also help point you in the right direction. Is the firm you’re considering a member of their local chamber of commerce? If there’s a union or guild, are they members. For California private detectives, this would be the California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI). Additionally, the best private detectives will likely have awards and commendations displayed in their office and/or listed on their website. For example, Kinsey Investigations was named 2021 Best Private Investigator in Los Angeles by

Some other considerations that aren’t as black-and-white but just as important include how a P.I. speaks to you and whether they make you feel comfortable and confident in hiring them. Don’t be shy about asking questions such as their experience with and success rate for cases like yours. Any P.I. you’re thinking of hiring should be a good listener and put you at ease. Trust your gut and move on if someone is dismissive or belittling of your needs. If you’re already in the position of needing to hire a private investigator, the person you choose should at least make you feel good about retaining their services.