California Private Investigators Notice a Rising Number of Elder Abuse Cases

California private investigators handle cases involving potential elder abuse all too often. Whether it takes the form of a family member or other caregiver taking financial advantage of a vulnerable older adult or a residential facility neglecting or abusing them, elder abuse is, unfortunately, on the rise in California and across the country. Los Angeles detective agencies are handling more and more of these private investigations from Malibu and the heart of Los Angeles all the way down to Long Beach. If you suspect your loved one is being exploited or mistreated, contacting a private investigator is an important first step. Kinsey Investigations is a California private investigations firm licensed and insured throughout the state. Our female private investigators have the training and experience to identify and gather the necessary evidence in cases of financial, psychological or physical elder abuse. We also understand the emotional intelligence it takes to serve our clients and their loved ones in these highly sensitive cases. No matter the circumstances, your loved one’s safety is our number one priority, and we will even call you immediately if the case warrants.

Private Detective Services for Financial Elder Abuse in California

Finding the best caregiver or assisted living facility for an aging loved one is challenging enough. We want to believe that everyone has their best interest at heart, especially the people we trust to tend to their everyday needs. Unfortunately, at least one in 10 older adults suffer abuse in the US, and abuse-related reports are twice as common in California than the national average. This is, in part, because “elder abuse” can go well beyond causing physical harm. Elder abuse can take many forms including financial exploitation, emotional abuse and physical neglect or mistreatment. For many cases in southern California, Los Angeles private investigators have helped their clients confirm these suspicions and gather the necessary evidence to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Financial elder abuse, defined as misusing the funds that belong to an adult 65 or older for someone else’s benefit, is a growing epidemic in the United States. With more and more financial transactions digital and instantaneous, the warning signs have become harder to spot in a timely manner. So, if you do start to notice missing checks in your loved one’s name, unexpected missed payments, or insufficient funds for essential care like medications or healthcare visits, the possibility of financial elder abuse should be investigated as soon as possible.

Sadly, the most likely culprit is often a family member, whether that person is also acting as a caregiver or not. More rarely, cases of paid caregivers or assisted living/nursing facilities siphoning funds from vulnerable older adults also happen. The most important factor in any financial elder abuse case is evidence California private detective services can analyze financial documents and set up surveillance of suspected abusers. Kinsey Investigationsfemale private detectives know how to blend into any environment and naturally attract less suspicion in facilities such as assisted living communities and nursing homes. If we find anything amiss, we will work diligently and build a strong case to shield your loved one from further exploitation.

Elder Abuse Private Investigations For Neglect and Mistreatment

California private detective services know how to spot other kinds of elder abuse as well. Emotional abuse and physical neglect or mistreatment may go unnoticed in subpar facilities. Sometimes, unethical caregivers use verbal abuse, such as threats and intimidation, in attempts to control residents or patients. These examples of abuse often coincide with more extreme and even dangerous tactics like isolation from loved ones, manipulation, and physical neglect. Hiring an experienced private investigator to determine the severity of the situation and gather court-admissible evidence may be the only way to hold irresponsible nursing professionals accountable for the harm they’ve done and ensure they cannot continue abusing those entrusted to their care.

Older adults deserve respect, compassion, and kindness. Elder abuse, in all its forms, must be aggressively investigated, and those responsible, prevented, by the criminal justice system, if necessary, from continuing their harmful practices. Even if you’re not sure whether someone you love is suffering abuse, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Kinsey Investigations has highly skilled and compassionate female private detectives who can navigate sensitive cases with compassion and discretion. If your loved one’s wellbeing might be at risk, we understand you can’t rest until you know the truth. And we promise, we won’t rest until we find it.