Social Media Private Investigations in California

As one of the best private investigators in Los Angeles, Kinsey Investigations knows how to conduct social media investigations for our clients. Like most California private detective services, we offer social media background checks as a stand-alone service, but also take advantage of social media for many other kinds of private investigations, such as locating missing persons in Los Angeles, infidelity investigations, and corporate security investigations, just to name a few. The public face of a person’s or organization’s online presence says a lot about them, but here at Kinsey Investigations, we know how to look beyond the surface as well. Our expert female private investigators have uncovered important leads and evidence through this type of online sleuthing for clients from Malibu to Long Beach and all over Los Angeles and Orange counties. At Kinsey Investigations, we’ve always been experts at pounding the pavement for our clients, and these days, we’re just a savvy about surfing the web for them too.

Social Media Background Checks for Business Clients

In the United States and many other countries, various social media platforms have become integrated with so many aspects of public life: from sharing photos between friends, to announcing large corporate mergers, and breaking the largest news stories. While 100,000s of people in these countries still choose not to participate, millions more do, spending hours every day posting to, and checking updates from, their various social media accounts. And just like any other daily habit, social media can prove useful to a private investigator when they need to learn more about someone. Ask any L.A. private detective, and they’ll tell you, the use of social media investigations continues to grow, both as a component of other types of investigations services as well as when it’s the main focus of the case.

Sometimes, a person’s or an organization’s social media presence is the primary subject of the investigation. Los Angeles private detective agencies offer these private investigations services primarily to business clients who want to determine whether a potential employee or partner is a good fit for their organization. Social media background checks can be part of a more comprehensive pre-employment background check; however, many companies and other hiring organizations consider it an important factor, in and of itself. And it’s not only for individuals that social media history may be requested. Businesses of all sizes hire private detectives to investigate the online presence of other businesses or entities for all sorts of reasons – from considering a transaction or collaboration, to learning all they can about a rival business or other competitor.

For these types of investigations, L.A. private detectives primarily look into what’s posted publicly as well as who and what the subject of the investigation are following and affiliating themselves with through their social accounts. For instance, a prospective new hire may not be posting publicly about politics, but if their social media accounts reveal they have joined a number of groups or follow quite a few influencers or public figures known to perpetuate extremist views and dangerous fringe ideologies, that could prove an important factor in making a hiring decision. In terms of social media investigations into companies, private investigators can search through posting histories, review paid digital marketing campaigns, and look for professional affiliations that can help corporate clients determine their next professional move.

L.A. Private Detectives Investigating through Social Media 

Perhaps even more often, social media becomes a tool in other types of private investigations. For these cases, private investigators focus less on the public face of a person’s social media activity but look for clues that could produce leads, evidence or even crack the case. For instance, who are the friends or followers of the person or company in question? Have they checked in anywhere, and does the account provide any additional location data? What photos are they posting or tagged in, and do those photos provide any useful information? Is their profile picture being used for any other accounts, and are they actually the person pictured on the account? At Kinsey Investigations, we know how to use the answers from these and other questions to help us map out a person or company’s real-world dealings. Just like following a paper trail, retracing a subject’s digital trail can and has led to some mind-blowing discoveries for our clients in all different kinds of private investigations.

Just as social media has become a daily part of public life, it’s become an important resource for private investigators in California and all over the United States. If social media can be a potential resource for a private investigation, any smart private detective will take advantage of that for their client. Kinsey Investigations’ female private detectives have the expertise to perform social media background checks as well as the experience to determine when investigating social media might prove useful in another type of case. Licensed and insured throughout California, we’re well versed in all the strategies, old and new, to do the best job for every client who comes through our doors.