Best Los Angeles Female Private Investigators

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Choosing the right California private investigations firm may seem daunting. Even narrowing it down to Los Angeles private detective agencies, in particular, the listings run long. No doubt, you want to work with the best – an L.A. private investigator licensed and insured throughout the state. You could check online reviews or look up’s list of Best Private Investigators in Los Angeles, but another factor to consider is whether you’ll be working with a male or female private investigator. You may wonder, “Are there even any female private investigators near me?” The answer is yes, and the answer you’ll find in every search recommended above is Kinsey Investigations.

A Female Private Investigator Near Me? Really?

Kinsey Investigations is proud to be a woman-owned, Los Angeles private investigations firm. Our entire staff is more than 75% women, and our female private detectives are unsurpassed for their positive track records in all they do. Our warm professionalism and high level of emotional intelligence have led some to refer to us as the California private investigations firm with a heart. We find clients of all genders prefer working with us over our male counterparts. Being a female private investigator has distinct advantages outside the office as well. Women have an ability to naturally blend into many settings and attract less suspicion than men. In our still-highly-gendered culture, women have a far greater capacity to put people at ease, and everyone from children to the elderly usually feel more comfortable talking to us, being honest with us, and even volunteering information they might not otherwise have disclosed. In short, our female private investigators have many advantages right out of the gate, and we won’t hesitate to put those advantages to work on your case.

Being a Los Angeles private detective agency with a predominantly female staff, it’s no wonder Kinsey Investigations is known for our stellar services with regard to family law cases. From Los Angeles infidelity investigations to child custody cases and even suspected elder abuse, when our clients are concerned for their relationships and their loved ones, Kinsey Investigations tops their list of who to call. We can’t change the truth, but we can find it, and we can help our clients gather all the evidence they need to make the best choices they can for themselves and their families. We value family, and we’re parents too. So, no matter the ages of those involved in our clients’ family law investigations, our female private investigators can walk into any situation, already ahead of the game. And it’s not only our direct clients who seek our services. Even competing California private investigation firms contact Kinsey Investigations when they find themselves out of their depth in these sensitive types of cases.

Specialists for Missing Persons Cases, Surveillance Operations & More

But the talents of our female private detectives don’t begin and end with family law investigations. Kinsey Investigations also has a 100% track record locating missing persons in Los Angeles. We’re well equipped and experienced to provide process service and attorney support, conduct assets and heir searches and set up surveillance operations of all kinds. In addition to individuals, we serve corporate clients too (from landlords and small business owners to large organizations) with services including business background checks, secret shopper services, disability and worker’s compensation fraud cases and even comprehensive corporate security investigations in Los Angeles. We know when and how to incorporate digital forensics and social media investigations, and we’re licensed and insured throughout California. Our female private investigators also know every part of L.A. like our own back yards, from Malibu and the heart of Los Angeles all the way down to Long Beach.

In any situation where you need to know the truth, Kinsey Investigations can likely help you find it. And we offer free consultations to determine if we’re a good fit. Our top priority is serving our clients with skill, finesse and discretion. If we don’t thoroughly believe we can help you, we’ll be honest about that, and we may even be able to refer you to a better resource. We celebrate with our clients when their cases come to happy endings, and we show up fully present with them when they don’t. Years on from helping some families, our female private investigators still get invited to ballgames, graduations and other milestone events our clients gratefully want to share with us. Men, women, families and business owners come to Kinsey Investigations on the strength of our reputation, but they stay for the size of our hearts.