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While any California private investigator can advertise themselves as offering corporate investigations services, there’s one Los Angles private detective agency that stands above the rest in terms of experience and reputation. Kinsey Investigations has been serving corporate clients for more than 20 years. Our California private investigations firm can provide background checks and corporate security investigations in L.A. far superior to what any in-house H.R. department, background check website, or third-party human resources/compliance service can offer. Our team of female private investigators know how to tailor background checks for new hires or potential partners to meet the unique needs of your organization. We even offer three levels of background check services in case your company requires advanced knowledge of a job applicant, aspiring board member, etc. Our licensed, insured and experienced L.A. private investigators can even run business background checks on other organizations whether your company needs to learn more about a competitor or vet a potential partner. We also offer comprehensive corporate security investigations in Los Angeles and Orange counties. We work with business of all sizes from Malibu and Beverly Hills to Santa Monica and Long Beach. Identifying threats to your organization’s security, whether it’s a potential hazard to your employees’ or clients’ physical safety, inadequate data encryption, or a job applicant who might spell trouble for your team and your company can make all the difference for your business’s reputation and future success.

Los Angeles Detective Agency offering Three Levels of Background Checks

From the smallest local businesses to the largest corporate entities, one aspect of successful business management is smart delegation. When company owners and executives recognize the limits of their own expertise and surround themselves with talented people to advise them and fill in the gaps in their knowledge and abilities, it can pave the way for an organization’s success. On a long enough timeline, however, there will always be challenges that businesses face that fall outside the scope of their teams’ expertise. This is when companies prioritizing long-term success won’t hesitate to outsource such challenges to professionals who specialize in them. While accounting, marketing and H.R./Compliance come to mind, some managers and management teams may not think of what their company might need from a private investigator. Especially in the Los Angeles area, however, more and more savvy business owners are turning to California private investigations firms to provide corporate services including background checks, and corporate security investigations in L.A. While some Los Angeles private detective agencies don’t have the expertise to provide for business clients in these capacities, Kinsey Investigations’ team of female private detectives have decades of experience, several high-profile endorsements of our work, and dozens of five-star online reviews.

The saying goes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this bears out in both business background checks and corporate security investigations. While it’s become commonplace to run a background check on a potential new hire, many company owners and management teams don’t consider the benefits of vetting existing employees, aspiring business partners or board members and even other organizations, whether they’re considered competitors or collaborators. While many H.R. departments and third-party H.R. service organizations may offer new hire background checks, it’s unlikely that anyone whose primary education and experience has been in a human resources capacity has more than a basic understanding of how to run a thorough background check. Hiring a private investigator may not be the first option that comes to mind for outsourcing this, but consider that the canned services offered by background check websites and similar services cannot be tailored much, if at all. If your operation has special requirements or unique vulnerabilities due to your industry, the individuals or groups you serve, etc., you’re going to need a better option. At Kinsey Investigations, our trained, experienced California private investigators offer three different levels of service for background screenings. We can tailor our services to background check potential new hires or current employees at all levels of your organization or even a partner or competing business entity.

Conducting Corporate Security Investigations in L.A.

Just as a background check can save a company from hiring an employee or partner who might prove a liability to their success, corporate security investigations can identify campus, equipment, and other operational liabilities that could cause harm to employees, clients, and the company reputation. California employment law is well known (some would say infamous) for its requirements pertaining to the physical and emotional safety and security for employees. Especially businesses that maintain brick and mortar locations, whether open to the public or not, must ensure that employees, clients, and anyone who may set foot on their campuses will not be taking unnecessary risks to their physical or mental health. Safe, secure facilities, transparent, non-hazardous operations and safeguards against physical and emotional harms must be maintained and inspection-ready at all times. The best corporate California private investigations services offer services to corporate clients to ensure that any business is meeting these legal obligations. A corporate security investigation from Kinsey Investigations identify security threats (both external and internal) to a company’s physical and virtual security measures, and make professional recommendations for mitigating any liabilities found.

Kinsey Investigations has over two decades experience serving corporate clients. Our team of female private investigators have the advantage of naturally putting people at ease in many different settings and situations. Don’t wait for a security breach to identify the weakest link in your organization’s team or operations. Hire Kinsey Investigations for background checks and the corporate security investigation your company needs to thrive and grow toward the next level of success. Our reputation as the best private investigator in Los. Angeles speaks for itself, and we look forward to helping your company be the best in your industry as well.