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As any California private investigator will tell you, when it comes to locating missing persons in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, time is of the essence. Whether you’re a close friend or family member worried for their safety and wellbeing or someone to whom the missing person owes money, the likelihood of finding someone who’s become unresponsive to messaging and cannot be reached at their normal place of residence diminishes exponentially as hours, days and weeks go by. No matter the nature of your relationship to the missing person, partnering with a Los Angeles private detective agency as soon as possible is your best bet for locating them. Kinsey Investigations is a licensed and insured private investigations firm in California with decades of experience tracking down missing persons in Los Angeles and Orange Counties and beyond. Our team of female private detectives are comfortable working alongside police or conducting independent searches for someone who does not necessarily want to be found. Regardless of the circumstances, our L.A. private investigators will waste no time launching a missing persons investigation and working tirelessly until it is solved.

Best California Private Investigator for Missing Persons Cases

Over 100,000 adults and children go missing in California every year. Whether an individual runs away or disappears under suspicious circumstances, a Los Angeles private detective can help track them down. It’s common knowledge in our line of work that the longer someone is missing, the more likely they are to travel further out of the area, encounter dangerous situations, or meet people looking to exploit them. In California, you can report a missing person in Los Angeles or anywhere in the state without any designated waiting period. While you may hear on crime shows or movies that you must wait 24 or 48 hours before filing a missing person report, this is not the case in California. The same is true for hiring a private investigator. The sooner a Los Angeles private detective agency can start working on a missing persons case, the better the chances they’ll be able to locate someone. Especially in densely populated areas like Los Angeles and Orange Counties, a good private investigator will prioritize a missing persons investigation to begin immediately, which is crucial during those first hours and days.

When a person is reported missing in California, there are a few ways for their case to be categorized. They could be considered lost or missing as the result of a catastrophe, like a plane crash. They could also be abducted by a stranger or missing under suspicious or unknown circumstances. When a child goes missing, there are two additional categories that are unfortunately two of the most common causes for a missing children cases: parental or family abductions and runaways. In both of these child-specific categories, the minor may have left voluntarily and not even realize they are in danger or considered missing.

Experienced private investigators use technology, surveillance tools, and specialized knowledge to conduct a missing person investigation. They can coordinate with local police and schools when searching for a missing child. In cases of missing adults, L.A. private investigators will often access a wide range of local, state, and national databases to identify any leads. This includes credit bureaus, United States Postal Service data, utility companies, and even cell phone and other service providers. When you work with a licensed and insured California private investigator, you can rest assured that they will leave no stone unturned in the search for your missing loved one.

Skip Tracing Private Investigations

A common phrase used when a missing person owes money or has legal obligations they may be trying to hide from is “skip tracing.” “Skip” refers to the missing person, usually an independent adult, who “skips town.” There are many reasons you may need to hire a private detective to conduct a skip tracing investigation. Perhaps you are looking for someone who is in hiding to avoid paying rent, facing legal charges, or settling other unfulfilled obligations. At Kinsey Investigations, we have expertise specific to skip tracing and have solved every skip tracing investigation we’ve ever been hired for.

Kinsey Investigations has decades of experience locating missing persons in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Our licensed and insured detectives can (and have!) located children who were abducted by an estranged parent during a custody battle, cheating spouses who have run away with a paramour, and crooked business associates who embezzled or hid assets from their company. A missing person investigation can often be part of a larger case, and we are comfortable helping in those situations as well. No matter the reason, our female private investigators approach every missing person case with a sense of urgency and a level of emotional intelligence you likely won’t find at other California private investigation firms. If you need to find someone, don’t wait. The sooner you call, the sooner we can begin working on your case.