Why You Should Hire a Professional for Process Service

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You might not think of using a California private investigator for process service of your legal documents in a lawsuit; however, most Los Angeles private detective agencies do offer process service in addition to their private investigations services. While the state of California only requires that the person serving documents in a civil case be someone 18 years of age or older who is not named in the lawsuit, hiring a professional process server or private investigations firm licensed in California can help you avoid a number of pitfalls. Defendants who are difficult to locate, specifications around the information that must be disclosed at the time of the documents’ delivery, and the potential for some people to become angry and aggressive when they find out they’re being served are just a few examples. At Kinsey Investigations our female private investigators have an outstanding track record for locating defendants in our clients’ cases. We know and understand the disclosures required by law for the process service to be legal and complete in the eyes of the California justice system, and we have the experience and confidence to handle any sort of reaction from someone who’s just been served court papers. Don’t run the risk of delaying your case or even worse outcomes. Hire Kinsey Investigations for process service of your legal documents.

California Private Investigations Firm Offering Process Service

Process service, defined as providing defendants named in lawsuits with a copies of all the papers filed with the courts, is a vital first step for any legal process to move forward. For civil lawsuits in California, the law states anyone over the age of 18 who is not a party in the lawsuit may serve legal documents to the person or persons named in the case. That means if you file a legal complaint against one or more people or a business, strictly speaking, you could have a friend or relative serve the court documents at no cost to you, as long as the person you choose is a legal adult who is not named in any part of the lawsuit. California’s requirement to register as a process server only applies to individuals who will serve more than 10 legal papers in a calendar year. Knowing this, you might be tempted to save a little money and let someone you know and trust handle process service for you. However, there can be many pitfalls to entrusting this responsibility to anyone other than a licensed process server or California private investigator. Kinsey Investigations team of female private detectives handle process service professionally and efficiently so you never have to worry about any of the following caveats.

Personal process service (the act of a third party physically handing the legal documents to the defendant(s) in the case) is the preferred method throughout the state of California. It allows for the process service to be complete in the eyes of the justice system as soon as the process server confirms that the papers were delivered. Whether the person bringing the legal complaint uses an amateur third-party, a licensed process server, a Los Angeles private investigator, or chooses to rely on the local sheriff’s office, the person delivering the legal papers becomes the party that the courts depend on to attest that the process service took place and was carried out properly. Amateur process service can go awry in quite a few ways, and unfortunately, if the defendant(s) in your case can show that the process service wasn’t carried out correctly, your whole complaint could be tossed out by the court, leaving you at square one.

To begin with, anyone serving legal documents in California is required by law to let the person(s) named in the complaint know that they are being served court papers and that their presence will be required. If you choose a lay person to be your process server and they forget to properly inform the defendant(s) what kind of papers they’re receiving, the process service can be disputed in court. Some people become angry or even aggressive at the time that they find out the nature of the papers, and you might want to think twice about sending someone who is likely unprepared for such a reaction, and who you wouldn’t want to have to endure verbal aggression or worse from the person being served. It’s easy to imagine a lay person might also forget everything they’re required to say to legally complete the process service under such circumstances.

Professional Process Service by Kinsey Investigations

Kinsey Investigations is a licensed and insured Los Angeles private investigations firm, and everyone on our team of female private investigators are also registered process servers in California. We’re experts in both finding and serving defendants in cases, no matter who they are, where they live, or how they may respond. Many of our five-star online reviews speak specifically to our fast, reliable process service. Some of our clients come to us after law enforcement or one of our competitor firms have failed to complete their process service for weeks or even months, delaying their cases and sometimes subjecting them to serious risks while they wait to be able to move forward with their suit. Our Los Angeles private detective agency wastes no time carrying out process service, and we’ve completed it successfully even for defendants who’ve proven notoriously difficult for others to locate. Serving papers to someone who didn’t have a physical home address, setting up surveillance outside a defendant’s home to wait for them to come out, and deescalating the ones who’ve become verbally or physically aggressive are all situations we’ve handled safely and professionally for our clients. We can offer the same stellar service to you for all your important legal documents. Get in touch with us to find out more.