Surveillance Services as Part of California Private Investigations

Kinsey Investigations offers Surveillance Services - A camera with a large telephoto lens is pictured in the foreground. A person with long dark hair sits in the blurred background

Surveillance operations involve observation of a subject, sometimes only in a specific setting, and sometimes following them to document their movements and interactions with others. California private investigators use surveillance in all sorts of cases from Los Angeles infidelity investigations to cohabitation and alimony, or child support/custody investigations. Surveillance operations and stakeouts have applications beyond the realm of family law as well, such as locating missing persons in Los Angeles, disability and worker’s compensation cases, other types of fraud investigations and more. Kinsey Investigations has a team of skilled and experienced female private investigators licensed and insured throughout California. We have experience conducting surveillance in places like Malibu, Brentwood, Westwood and Beverly Hills. We don’t shy away from time and resource-heavy methods like setting up a stakeout when necessary. It’s one of the many ways we live up to our reputation as one of the best private investigators in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Private Investigators Offering Surveillance Services

Surveillance operations and stakeouts take a few different forms. While we most often think of surveillance involving one particular person, some surveillance operations are about observing a location and recording the comings and goings, interactions, and even potential criminal behavior taking place there. Less common, but sometimes just as important, surveillance might involve an animal or an object instead of a person or place. No matter the subject, surveillance can consist of a stakeout from a single location, following a subject on foot or in a vehicle, and/or legally recording a subject’s movements and actions. Many California private detective services struggle to provide effective surveillance services for a number of reasons including inadequate staffing, lack of experience, or unfamiliarity with the greater Los Angeles area. At Kinsey Investigations, we are your go-to surveillance experts with a street-savvy team of female private investigators served by an equally talented support staff, more than 75% female and 100% Los Angeles-and-Orange county-experts!

At Kinsey Investigations, we find that a great number of family law cases, from cheating spouse investigations, Los Angeles child support and custody cases, and elder abuse investigations end up requiring surveillance. To determine the activities of the suspected cheating partner in an infidelity investigation, we need to track their movements and record who they’re interacting with. For child custody investigations in L.A., our clients (concerned parents) often want to know about their children’s treatment and experiences while under the care of co-parents/stepparents. Getting these answers involves setting up surveillance operations. For Los Angeles infidelity investigations, this usually involves following the suspected cheater to various locations throughout their daily routine. In cases of child custody investigations in L.A., we’re more than likely to stay put in a single location, observing what life at the co-parent’s home looks like. Of course, children are not the only vulnerable people within families, and elder abuse investigations may also involve surveillance operations and stakeouts, whether the case involves in-home support provided by a family member or professional caregiver or an older family member in an assisted living or nursing facility suspected of neglect or abuse.

Surveillance and Stakeouts in Fraud, Missing Persons and Other Private Investigations

While these types of family law cases often come to mind, many other California private investigations may also include surveillance. Suspected fraud of all kinds, but especially employee disability and worker’s compensation fraud cases almost always require some amount of surveillance as part of the evidence-gathering process. Locating missing persons in Los Angeles often depends on surveillance, whether it’s monitoring locations of potential sightings or following individuals suspected of having information or being involved in the disappearance. The truth is so many private detective services in California and elsewhere come down to surveillance to varying degrees. Each case is unique, and it takes an experienced L.A. private investigator to determine is a stakeout or another kind of surveillance operations might result in useful information or evidence needed to crack the case.

Kinsey Investigations’ team of female private investigators and our female-led support staff have over two decades of experience conducting surveillance in places like Bel Air, Brentwood, Santa Monica, and Long Beach. Street smarts and extensive knowledge of Los Angeles and Orange counties serve our detectives and our whole team in every case, but particularly when surveillance is required. Licensed and insured throughout California, Kinsey Investigations can help our clients breathe easier, knowing they won’t be held legally or financially liable for any property damage or other hazards that come with the territory when California private investigators set up stakeouts and other professional surveillance operations.