Integrity Checks “Secret Shopper” Private Investigations

Kinsey Investigations Secret Shopper Services

Do you need a Los Angeles private detective agency to “secret shop” your business? California business owners might not immediately think of turning to a private investigator as a “secret shopper,” but at Kinsey Investigations, our female private detectives have decades of experience doing just that. Known as integrity checks private investigations, secret shopper or “mystery shopper” services are one of many corporate services available at our L.A. private investigations firm. Tailored to meet your needs, Kinsey Investigations’ secret shopper services not only document every aspect of the customer experience, but can also determine how well company policies and procedures are carried out, whether your employees are adhering to sound security, non-discrimination and other policies and recognize other signs of mismanagement or employee theft. We’ll contact you immediately if the situation warrants, and all our California private investigators are trained and experienced at testifying in court if necessary.

Secret Shopper Private Investigations for California Businesses

Thirteen years ago, the CBS show “Undercover Boss” premiered the first week of February, 2010. In the unlikely case that you’ve never heard of it, the show had founders, CEOs and other top executives (in compelling disguises) from companies as large and well-known as 7-Eleven and True Value hardware impersonating a new hire at their franchise locations. They would jump in, shoulder to shoulder, with other employees to not only investigate the quality of their operations, but also find out what it’s like to work for their own organization. The show’s 11 seasons vouch for its popularity with viewers, even as television weathered the transition from network/cable/satellite-dominance to streaming providers. Who doesn’t enjoy the thought of a company founder or white-collar executive getting their hands dirty (sometimes quite literally!) to gain a new perspective about their organization? Of course, the c-suiters weren’t the only ones in for a few rude awakenings, and sometimes bad managers and employees found themselves out of a job after the filming of their episodes.

If you’re an owner, executive, or manager of a California business, you don’t have to try to get your company on the show to find out how it’s running and how well (or not) your employees are performing. Kinsey Investigations is a Los Angeles private investigations firm offering secret / mystery shopper investigations to businesses of all types and sizes. While retail businesses and restaurants are our most common types of clients for secret shopper services (what we call “integrity checks” private investigations), we can also “shop” online businesses and customer service centers, non-profit and community service organizations, and more. Our female private investigators are well trained in how to present themselves to appear and sound like any other customer of your business, and we can report back to you within 24 hours of wrapping up our investigation.

Los Angeles Private Investigations Firm Specializing in Employee Integrity Checks

As a California business owner, you’re counting on the managers and employees you’ve hired to facilitate your company operations and treat your customers right. Taking your time with the hiring process to fully ascertain whether the applicant is dependable, trustworthy, and qualified goes a long way toward ensuring your business will run smoothly. But just like any other kind of relationship, employers sometimes find out too late that they’ve placed their trust in the wrong people. At Kinsey Investigations, when we’re hired as secret shoppers, our L.A. private investigators fully prepare for conducting the integrity check investigation by reviewing your company policies and procedures and interviewing you about any particular areas of concern or suspicions you may have. We’ll covertly investigate every important aspect of your employees’ performance and demeanor as well as how well your business is operating and whether they’re sticking to company policies. We’re also experts at recognizing the signs of criminal behavior such as employee theft, misappropriation of company assets, and more. If all goes well, and our private detective secret shopper receives excellent customer service, we’ll document and report back about that as well.

Kinsey Investigations has repeat corporate clients for the same reasons we have so many five-star online reviews. We take as much pride in the quality services we provide as California business owners do in theirs. If you’re a business owner with any doubts about your employees’ performance or how well your business is running, give us a call for a free consultation.