Best California Private Investigations Firm for Corporate Clients

Private investigators in California know that business owners and H.R. departments here already have more than enough on their plates. Just staying up-to-date on California employment law and all the corporate restrictions imposed on just about every kind of company is a full-time job. Corporate security investigations in Los Angeles routinely turn up liabilities including safety hazards, corporate misconduct, employee theft and more. In response, smart business owners and corporate management teams are turning to Los Angeles private detective agencies, not only to determine liabilities that may already exist, but to help prevent creating new ones such as hiring the wrong employee, making the wrong business deal, or sticking with policies or staff that could ultimately cost them their business. Kinsey Investigations is a California private investigations firm with decades of experience working for corporate clients. Through pre-employment background screenings, business background checks and mystery shopper private investigations, Kinsey Investigations helps our business clients avoid introducing unnecessary business liabilities in the first place. We know California law and can even testify in court if necessary. From small retail operations to large corporate entities, Kinsey Investigations is the partner every organization needs to keep the everyday risks of doing business as low as possible.

Pre-Employment Screenings & Business Background Check Investigations

Running a business in California is no simple task. Business owners, corporate management teams and H.R. personnel have their hands full keeping up with the ever-changing landscapes of corporate security, California employment law and corporate governance at the state and federal levels. We’ve written before about our services offering corporate security investigations in Los Angeles, but many business owners, managers and H.R. departments need ongoing services from a California private investigator for pre-employment background screenings, business background checks and “secret shopper” investigations also known as integrity checks by private investigation firms. Kinsey Investigations has decades of experience working corporate investigations, and we are well-versed in California’s employment laws as well as other unique considerations that come with conducting private investigations for business clients.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and a business is only as secure and functional as its most problematic employee. With concerns such as network security, employee and customer safety and loss prevention, the last thing any business needs is someone on the inside working against them or introducing additional liability to the organization. Better to make sure not to hire such a person in the first place. Kinsey Investigations offers pre-employment background screenings that give our corporate clients the information they need to make informed hiring decisions. In addition to standard background checks, we can also provide social media investigations to help ensure that a new hire isn’t likely to introduce any additional liability to your company, either in person or in the way they’re conducting themselves online. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and the best way to keep a problematic employee from putting your company’s reputation or financial solvency in jeopardy is to avoid hiring them in the first place.

Business background checks become important when considering whether to enter into a business deal with new partners or organizations. Just as with a problematic employee, partnering with a problematic company or other organization can make your business more vulnerable to loss, lawsuits and other kinds of corporate liability. Hire Kinsey Investigations to run a business background check, and we can do this important research for you. These private investigations can include legal, financial, operational, environmental and other due diligence on any prospective company, its ownership and/or management team. As frustrating as it could be to delay or cancel a potentially lucrative business deal, the liability to you own organization’s reputation and bottom line are not worth the risk of partnering with unscrupulous individuals or entities. Years of experience in California private investigations have taught us never to judge a book by its cover, and that goes for institutions just as much as individuals.

Secret Shopper Private Investigations & Employee Integrity Checks

From small businesses to large corporate entities (and whether employees clock their hours in person or work from home), almost every employer can benefit from Kinsey Investigations “mystery shopper” services. Also known as integrity checks, these private investigations involve our L.A. private detectives visiting your place of business and/or interacting with your employees, in person, by phone or online. For retail and other customer-facing businesses, one of our female private investigators can pose as a customer or potential client and “secret shop” your business. In the case of remote employees, we have access to the newest technology that can help determine how they’re spending the hours they’re supposed to be working for you. We can check on how well your employees are following their training and company policies as well as how they’re representing your business or brand in any number of ways. We also know how to read the signs that may point to employee theft or mishandling of your business’s goods, services or intellectual property. We are even available to call you immediately in cases that warrant it and testify in court, if it comes to that.

California holds businesses in the state to some of the highest ethical standards in the country. Businesses here should not hesitate to do the same when it comes to their management teams, employees and corporate partners. Kinsey Investigations can help, and as with all our services, for individuals and businesses alike, we’re just a phone call away.