Kinsey Investigations Featured in Vogue Magazine!

Kinsey Investigations Featured in Vogue Magazine

Kinsey Investigations is pleased to have Vogue magazine join and the dozens of very satisfied online reviewers who consider us the best private investigators in Los Angeles. Earlier this year, our California private detective agency got a call from Vogue asking for an interview with our female private investigators for a special feature about L.A.’s most influential women. They said their team unanimously chose our woman-owned private investigations firm when discussing the feature. No one else came anywhere close. After some phone and email correspondence, we had an interview with members of Vogue’s writing staff, and Kinsey Investigations’ journey to join the ranks of so many famous and influential women before us on the pages of Vogue was set into motion!

Our Female Private Investigators Chosen Among the Most Influential Women in Los Angeles

At Kinsey Investigations, we’re used to getting all kinds of phone calls, but back in March of this year, a call came in the likes of which we had never heard or would ever expect. Vogue magazine left us a voicemail about a special L.A. section for their summer issue, and they wanted to feature Kinsey Investigations among “Influential Women of Los Angeles!”

Now, while we most definitely consider ourselves “rockstars” of our industry, “glamorous” is not exactly a word we’d use to describe what we do day-to-day as private investigators (or what we look like doing it). So, a call from the world’s top fashion magazine did catch us somewhat off-guard. We made sure to let them know that most days we run around in jeans and chinos chasing down people or information. Despite being a Hollywood favorite for movies and TV shows, real life private detective work is anything but glamorous. Talking further, we found out that didn’t matter. They’d done a little searching and determined we were the best woman-owned private investigations firm in L.A., and that was all they cared about for the feature. After a bit more phone and email correspondence, our interview date was set.

And that’s how our team of female private investigators ended up speaking with an interviewer from Vogue magazine. They wanted to know how we had chosen to become a part of the private investigations industry, what innovations we’ve embraced to enhance our work for our clients and what makes Kinsey Investigations stand out in our community. They also asked what continues to inspire us and how we stay ahead of our competition. To help us keep the low profile we need for the work we do, they agreed to skip the photo shoot. Being a private investigator necessitates staying behind the camera, not in front of it.

Vogue Magazine Staff Unanimously Choose Kinsey Investigations as the Best L.A. Private Detective Agency

When the summer issue came out in June, Vogue sent us a box of our own copies to share with colleagues and around the community. They also gave us permission to quote from the feature itself, and we couldn’t be more pleased with it:

Ranking as the top private investigative firm throughout the Los Angeles market, Kinsey Investigations, Inc., has spent the last decade solving some of the hardest to crack cases in corporate and family law.

As a woman-owned firm, Kinsey Investigations, Inc., partners with clients involving current and ex-employee issues such as embezzlement, theft, sexual harassment complaints and whistleblowers. They also investigate issues of divorce, child custody, family trust and benefactory issues, missing persons, and even infidelity.

“As a woman private investigator, I blend in better and go unnoticed,” says founder and CEO B.A. Wolford. “I can’t tell you how many times clients have told me they’d never guess I was
a P.I., and because all of our employees are youthful and blend in, we’re often able to get access to information in ways traditional private investigators can’t.” Solving most of their cases in a
few days, Wolford says she and her 8-member team approach each of their cases with an unrelenting compassion that drives them to find answers.

“We get many cases recommended to us because we are woman-owned,” she says. “We’ve solved missing persons cases that weren’t getting attention, and we’ve helped our clients find
information they’ve needed to win cases. People come to us because they want someone who will truly listen, and they’re looking for the compassion that comes along with the way we work.”

If you live in Los Angeles or Orange counties, the days of asking “Is there a female private investigator near me?” are over. What you should be asking instead is “Who’s the best female private investigator near me?Vogue magazine has your answer. – Kinsey Investigations. After so many years in this business, we would’ve said we’d seen it all, and now with our woman-owned L.A. private detective agency featured on the pages of Vogue magazine’s Summer, 2023 issue, we really have.