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How much does a private investigator cost?
If you’re thinking about hiring a Los Angeles detective, chances are you’re dealing with a pretty serious situation. Online searches for terms such as “private investigator cost” or “how much is a private investigator” return a broad range of answers, most of them unhelpful, that may leave you feeling even more unsure than before. One of the reasons search engines are not very useful for determining private investigator costs is because private detective services encompass so many different types of cases. Missing persons in Los Angeles, infidelity investigations, corporate security investigations and more all require different techniques and technologies. Even two cases of the same kind may require vastly different amounts of resources, because every case that comes across a California private investigator’s desk is unique. If you want to find out how much a private investigator costs, you have to talk in terms specific to your individual case, and the best way to find out is to call a private investigator and explain what those are. At Kinsey Investigations, we offer free case evaluations, both for those calling in as well as anyone who would prefer to use our online form. We may not be able to give an exact quote, but after learning the specifics of your case, we’ll have a lot better idea what’s involved. Best of all, Kinsey Investigations is not only one of the Best Private Investigators in Los Angeles according to We’re also known as the private investigations firm with a heart. Not all kinds of costs can be measured in dollars and cents, and when it comes to your time, your money, and your peace of mind, we understand you’d rather not overspend any of them.

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When considering whether to hire a private investigator in California, you may be wondering, “How much does a private investigator cost?” If you turn to a search engine for the answer, you’ll get an unhelpfully wide range of results, some as low as $25 / hour (likely outdated or not for a licensed investigator) to more than $200 / hour. The truth is a licensed and insured private detective agency offers such a broad range of services with varying skills, equipment, and expertise required for each making it unrealistic to go by a single hourly rate. Something as simple as process service for court documents might be offered for a fixed rate, while more in-depth investigations, such as child custody and child support cases or locating missing persons in Los Angeles, may involve more than one investigator and multiple tactics such as surveillance and social media investigations. Even focusing on a single kind of service such as cheating spouse investigations, every case is different, and an investigation that goes on for weeks or months will always cost more than one that can be wrapped up within a few days or less.

The good news is that we at Kinsey Investigations have an excellent record of working quickly for our clients. Many of our five-star online reviews recount our clients’ experiences hiring one of our competitors and waiting weeks to hear anything back. In many of their cases, once they hired us to take over, we get the job done in a matter of days. It’s part of the reason we’ve been ranked among the best Los Angeles private investigators more than once by When the question of how much do private investigators cost hinges on how long the investigator takes to solve the case, Kinsey Investigations will save our clients both time and money.

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In more good news, as technology has advanced, so have the tools and strategies L.A. private investigators use for research. Much of the information that, 20 years ago, would’ve had a Los Angeles County investigator spending hours pounding the pavement or weeks tracking down old records can now be secured with a few quick keystrokes. Digital forensics, online research, and social media investigations are just a few of the ways that 21st century technology have streamlined our jobs. And when a P.I. can save time on a case, they can save money for their clients.

In addition to earning the title of best Los Angeles private investigator, Kinsey Investigations is also known as the California private investigator with a heart. So while “How much does a private investigator cost?” may be the first question that comes to mind, considerations including the detective agency’s track record, how many yeas they’ve been in business, and their reputation in the community should also inform your decision. Kinsey Investigations is one of the only woman-owned private investigation firms in Los Angeles. We’ve earned our stellar reputation in this community, because our female detectives do approach every case with their hearts as much as their heads. Even competitor firms recommend Kinsey Investigations for sensitive family law cases and for many types of services involving highly emotional situations. How much do private investigators cost may seem like a question of dollars and cents, but consider the other kinds of costs that may come into play when the question has to do with a child’s welfare, a vulnerable adult’s safety, or your family’s peace of mind.