Activity Checks: Fast and Affordable Private Investigations

In contrast to more in-depth California private investigations, activity checks describe brief surveillance operations used in many situations involving family members, businesses or insurance claims. An L.A. private detective may conduct a quick activity check to get an accurate picture of an individual’s conduct and real-life circumstances in situations where they, themselves (or those around them), might otherwise have good reason to lie. While some activity checks result in peace of mind for parents worried about their children or other family members concerned for older adult relatives, at other times, an activity check may uncover disturbing information that can lead to full-blown child custody cases or Los Angeles infidelity investigations. Businesses and insurance companies may also partner with a California private investigator to conduct activity checks on prospective new employees or to confirm disability or worker’s compensation claims.

Activity Checks for Families, Businesses and Insurance Claims

Activity checks are usually short, simple investigations to document or confirm the activities of an individual. Activity checks may be employed as often to confirm someone’s wellbeing as they are to determine any fraud or other wrongdoing. Used across many types of private investigations services, from family law and custody cases to business background checks and suspected disability / workers compensation fraud, activity checks may be performed independently or lead to more extensive investigations depending on what activities are uncovered. Private investigators carry out activity checks by observing an individual’s activities and circumstances, but may also conduct brief interviews with neighbors or known associates and/or employ additional sophisticated techniques such as digital/database searches and other online investigations.

There are many family-related reasons for activity checks. Parents concerned for their children’s welfare may hire a private investigator to observe their young child while under the care of a co-parent or step parent. Parents of older teens or college students may request an activity check to confirm that their children are attending classes and otherwise behaving responsibly. Of course, children aren’t the only type of vulnerable family members. Relatives of older adults who live on their own or in senior/assisted living communities may worry for their loved one’s wellbeing. A quick activity check can put their minds at ease or alert them to situations that requires greater intervention. It is not unusual for a teenager to lie about who they are hanging out with or for an older adult to be in denial about their ability to live independently. When a loved one’s safety is in question, you need to know the truth in order to take the next steps in the best interest of your family. Along these same lines, a private investigator may use an activity check as the first step when a spouse or other partner is suspected of cheating. Los Angeles infidelity investigations can stretch out over weeks and months and require extensive resources. A quick activity check by a private investigator can help someone determine if that full investigation is warranted.

Businesses and other organizations of all sizes may request activity checks for employees, potential new hires or prospective business partners. While a standard background check can tell you about a candidate’s criminal record or employment history, you may want to confirm other information before continuing the hiring process, extending employment or offering a promotion. For example, with the rise of remote work in the last few years, many employees have been caught lying about their residence, their availability, and even simultaneous employment with other companies. Activity checks can bring these dishonest details to light before hiring, advancement and other personnel decisions are finalized. When it comes to prospective business partners, corporate collaborations or potential mergers, the stakes for the organization only increase. Activity checks can confirm good faith information about the key players in these circumstances or reveal the need to search more in-depth before a business enters into a make-or-break negotiation or contract.

Finally, a great number of activity checks relate to insurance claims of all kinds, especially disability and workers compensation cases. Managers or H.R. personnel in charge of processing employee injury and workers compensation claims must ensure due diligence, and sometimes, that means partnering with a private investigations firm for activity checks in these cases. Insurance companies, as well, may need confirmation prior to approving or denying injury and disability claims, both work and non-work-related. As awful as it is, insurance fraud does happen. A private investigator can track the claimant’s movements in their community to confirm the injury or disability. In these cases, it is wise to use a licensed and insured private detective well versed in California law to avoid additional liability or the risk of paying out false claims.

Best Los Angeles Private Detective Agency for Activity Checks

Kinsey Investigations is licensed and insured to conduct activity check private investigations throughout California. Our youthful-looking team can blend into any environment without drawing suspicion, making us the ideal choice among Los Angeles Private Detective firms for activity checks and other surveillance operations. Not sure you have enough evidence for a case or even if your suspicions are true? That’s exactly the kind of situation a fast, affordable activity check is for!