California Private Investigations Services for Businesses and Other Organizations

Private citizens and legal professionals aren’t the only ones who may need to hire a private investigator in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Small businesses, corporations and other organizations should consider working with a California private investigations firm to assist with many of their ongoing operations and relationships with both employees and the public. Kinsey Investigations has extensive experience providing private detective services to California businesses, everything from background check investigations for prospective employees or partners to integrity checks (also known as “secret shopper” private investigations) to full-on corporate security investigations in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. When a business or other organization needs these specialized services, Kinsey Investigations is the best Los Angeles detective agency for the job.

Background Checks and Secret Shopper Private Investigations in California

From background screenings for job candidates of all levels to business background checks for potential partner organizations, Kinsey Investigations can help companies of any size conduct the proper due diligence before making these important decisions. While an organization with a large human resources department may feel they have adequate capability to thoroughly vet prospective new hires, Kinsey Investigations can offer far more thorough background screening services. We look beyond information available publicly online, and depending on the level of service requested, can verify citizenship and social security, confirm educational and employment history, search for past civil and criminal charges, and even uncover bankruptcies, foreclosures, evictions, financial liens, etc. If, instead of a prospective employee, the subject of the investigation will be owners/executives from a prospective partner organization, Kinsey Investigations can evaluate both the individuals and the business as a whole to determine their integrity across a number of indicators. Your company can only operate up to the level of its weakest link, and our private investigations services will help you ensure no new hire or corporate partner will become that weakest link.

If your business serves the general public, and your management team has questions or concerns about your employees’ performance while serving customers, our integrity checks services are the answer. Also called secret shopper private investigations, hiring our Los Angeles private detective agency to discreetly “shop” your establishment can put your mind at ease. For secret shopper investigations, one of our L.A. private investigators will pose as a customer and observe how well your operation is running. We can make notes on the way employees are treating customers and how well they’re following their training and your company policy. We can also report back to you about any vulnerabilities we notice in terms of security, loss-prevention and more. Secret Shopper services are not limited to in-person interactions. If you want us to run integrity checks on your phone or online customer service teams, we can do that as well. Secret shopper services can work in more ways than one. You’ll always receive our report back to you about conditions and service within your establishment, but to maximize their value to you, you may also want to let your employees know that they may be “secret-shopped” to encourage them to always put their best foot forward.

Corporate Security Investigations in Los Angeles and Orange Counties

For organizations that need the most thorough information about their business operations, campus security, employee and customer safety and more, our comprehensive corporate security investigations are the answer. Going far beyond the occasional background check or one-off secret shopper investigation, corporate security investigations scrutinize multiple aspects of a business or other organization’s operations to identify both internal and external security threats, worker and customer safety, loss prevention, technological vulnerabilities, employee integrity, legislative compliance and more. In our modern litigious society, good intentions count for very little, and the court of public opinion can put a company out of business as swiftly as a court of law, especially in this highly-connected world. Corporate security investigations can include all the feedback you know you need as well as what you might not even think to ask for. Our team of highly-skilled and trained California private investigators know what to look for in a company’s day-to-day operations and how to spot potential liabilities before they become problems for your organization. Read more about corporate security investigations from our previous post.

Kinsey Investigations has decades of experience carrying out private detective services for California businesses. In the past, we’ve saved our corporate clients from negative PR, potential lawsuits, technology breaches and much more. If you’re the least bit in doubt about your organization’s ability to handle all of your hiring and operational security considerations, reach out to us today.