Kinsey Investigations is driven by carefully screened employees most of whom have backgrounds in law enforcement. You can have a trained shopper visit your business and report back to you. Mystery Shopping is a unique way for the client to analyze how their business is operating. The main role of the mystery shopper is to determine whether the corporate policy is being effectively carried out at the retail level. If you suspect your employees are mishandling your business or your profits, Kinsey Investigations can assist you in making this determination by providing a trained shopper to visit your business and report back to you.


Retail – Walmart, Nordstrom’s Rack-we are there for a determined amount of time not only watching the customers but also the employees.

Bars/Restaurants – High-end chic bar establishments to regular franchise family restaurants. We watch the cash-flow, watching the tips.

We are there to focus on the integrity of your employees – giving you reports on their behavior. We describe every aspect of our shopping experience to reflect all the positives and negatives. Our accurate reports can be utilized for discreet resolutions and evaluations with the employees. Our employee shoppers, if needed can testify in court. Our reports can also tell you if your employees are doing a great job.

Kinsey Investigations is dedicated to integrity, accuracy, and dependability. If there are situations that require your immediate attention, this will be conveyed to you via telephone as it occurs.

Kinsey Investigations:

  • describe every interaction with your employees
  • are experienced in identifying employee theft
  • detailed reports are sent to you the very next day.
  • we are all private investigators and can testify in court.
  • call you immediately when warranted.
  • spend the time needed to give you a complete assessment.

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If you don’t see the specific service you require on this page, please contact our office.  Even if we don’t provide that particular service, we can often suggest an alternative method of achieving the results you need, or in some cases, we may refer you to one of our nationwide or international associates who offer the service you require.