Kinsey Investigations Process Service of Legal Documents - A collage of four photos shows several people to whom Kinsey Investigations has served legal documents. Their faces are obscured.

Why We Take Photos Every Time We Serve Legal Documents

Kinsey Investigations provides process service of court documents in the greater Los Angeles area. Our private investigations firm has an excellent track record locating and serving individuals named in our clients’ legal documents. In cases where local law enforcement or other California private investigators have spent weeks or months with no success, Kinsey Investigations has often been able to track down and serve the individual(s) within a few days or less. We always record the date/time and provide photo documentation of the service for our clients’ peace of mind.

Kinsey Investigations – Registered Process Services in Orange and Los Angeles Counties

Everyone who works at Kinsey Investigations is a registered process server, and we offer this service throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties in communities like Bel Air and Brentwood, Malibu and Long Beach. Our firm is licensed and insured, and there’s no kind of legal document or messenger service we can’t handle. Most importantly, we act quickly, usually within a few days or less. The photo documentation we provide to our clients often spells great relief from weeks or even months of legal limbo.

We know seeing the edited, non-identifying versions of these photos posted on our social media or Pinterest pages may make some people feel mildly uncomfortable. In movies and other entertainment media, the moment someone is served is often portrayed negatively, and we understand it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of imagining yourself in the place of the person pictured.

Instead, as you look at these images, we suggest you imagine yourself in the place of the person not pictured – our client. Every one of these photos represents a Kinsey Investigations client who knew, the moment they saw it, that they could finally take the next step forward in their pursuit of justice. Some of our clients, before they hired us, had been waiting weeks, months or even longer.

A California Private Investigator Serving Legal Documents Ethically, Professionally & Expediently

These legal cases may involve money, property, someone’s livelihood or business, or even our clients’ safety or the safety of their children or other loved ones. Imagine how you’d feel with those sorts of stakes hanging in the balance of whether the person(s) named in your court documents could be found and legally served. Imagine living with those feelings and the growing worry, week after week!

Every photo we post of someone being served stands for a moment one of our clients could finally put those worries to rest and begin pursuing justice for themselves, their businesses or their families. Many of our five-star online reviews come from clients who waited for that moment for so long before coming to Kinsey. Imagine their relief when they saw the original photo and could clearly identify the person(s) named in their lawsuit or other legal proceedings. As mentioned before, we always edit out identifying details in such photos before posting them online.

Kinsey Investigations private detectives understand that passing judgement is NOT part of our job. We know the law, and we follow it to the letter while carrying out process service just as we do for all services we offer. We’re not in the business of shaming anyone or infringing on their rights. Hiring female private investigators also provides a number of advantages, from naturally drawing less suspicion to triggering fewer aggressive responses. We also know how to de-escalate contentious situations. We get in, we do our job, and we get out, and we do it all legally, ethically and professionally.

Especially if you’ve been waiting more than a week or two for your process service, please contact us. The sooner you hire Kinsey Investigations, the sooner we can begin helping you move forward with your case.

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