There are Several Ways We Can Help Solve Your Alimony Case in Los Angeles

There are Several Ways We Can Help Solve Your Alimony Case in Los Angeles

Alimony cases can cost a substantial amount to your former spouse. The cost can run from thousands to tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, a change in their circumstances can often spare you this considerable burden. 

For instance, there are cases when the former spouse cohabitates with another partner. Sometimes it might be a situation where their income changes. There are also cases when a spouse withholds additional assets, impacting the amount of money that you should fairly pay them. The burden of proving that falls on you. That is why it is essential to ensure that you get the most compelling evidence available and that it is admissible in court. Unscrupulous former spouses can cover their tracks and overturning a previously-decided case is next to impossible. 

This is why it is essential to hire a private investigator skilled in handling alimony investigations. 

How We Gather Evidence for Your Alimony Case

Kinsey Investigations has a reliable track record in solving a variety of cases that involve alimony disputes. We have the experience, know-how, equipment, and creative techniques to get the evidence you need to build an air-tight case. We have several different methods to help you solve your alimony case in Los Angeles. 

The alimony investigator assigned to you will ensure that all evidence is gathered within the bounds of the law. Whether you are the supporting or receiving spouse, you need to gather the evidence that demonstrates in a family court either your ex-spouse’s ability to support themselves without your help or your need for alimony. 

  • We have the ability, network, and experience to conduct asset checks to see the finances, including joint accounts. 

Does your former spouse share a bank account with a partner? Do they have a family plan for their cell phone billing? Most importantly, does your former spouse hide assets? Uncovering these financial documents can lead to favorable alimony case rulings, especially if you are denied alimony payments. What we uncover can lead to a subpoena for the other side to search financials going back even a few years.   

  • We can also do a public record search. 

A former spouse and their partner could be sharing vehicle ownership or utility payments. Are both their names on a lease of a car? A former spouse could be making purchases that their declared assets can’t support. Moreover, our propriety search of records can give us the leads that help solve cohabitation and hidden asset cases.

  • Your former spouse may have many hidden items we can discover. We, for obvious reason, do not want to list them all here. 

But let me tell you how successful we have been over the years…..2 different attorney-clients and one fellow Private Investigator asked us for assistance. Why? 

  1. They obviously trusted us and our ability
  2. They knew we would be discreet. 
  3. We have a reputation for getting the job done properly. 

Kinsey Investigations is renowned for the creative ways in which we can legally gather all the evidence that you will need to build an airtight case. These are just seven ways we can help solve your alimony case in Los Angeles. However difficult evidence gathering may be, we will find ways to get it. Our investigators have the proven ability to conduct surveillance operations to document the activities of the former spouse. We can track their movements with their current romantic partners using the same techniques and tools that effectively help in our other surveillance activities. Our agents have an unassuming appearance. Our targets never suspect that our investigators are always on their tail. 

How We Treat the Information

  • We will constantly update the gathered information throughout the investigation process. 
  • Filing a case report is crucial. Failing on this end may lose you your case. We are trusted professionals in the investigative field that legal teams have relied on for decades. One of the reasons attorneys and clients trust us is our thoroughness in consolidating all the gathered evidence. Once we collect the evidence, we ensure that all reports are properly filed so that all bases are covered. 
  • Our agents have the training and experience to appear in court. They are familiar with presenting the evidence that we gather for you.

Conclusion: Why Kinsey Investigations Is the Best Choice for Alimony Investigations 

Kinsey Investigations, Inc. has a proven track record when it comes to gathering evidence for criminal cases. We routinely work on cases in criminal courts that have even stricter requirements than alimony cases. While in family court winning a case only requires a preponderance of evidence (meaning it is more likely than not that it happened a certain way), in criminal court we have to help prove cases beyond a reasonable doubt. Because we are accustomed to the higher evidentiary requirements of criminal court, gathering evidence to uncover cohabitating or hidden assets has become much easier for our investigators.  

Our support to help your case can provide the admissible evidence to prove your case in court. If your ex-spouse and their partner are living in a marital type relationship or your ex-spouse is hiding assets, we can gather the evidence that will make the court see that.

We also provide surveillance and investigations services for cases that involve family relationships such as adultery cases, child support & custody cases, domestic and family issues, among others. Child support and custody…is he/she truly working when he says he lost their job? It’s his/her turn for custody?…are they dropping the children off with grandparents during their turn for custody? The list goes on and on. 

Whatever your case, we will handle it with the utmost confidentiality. Give us a call and your trust. We are here to put your issues to rest.