How Choosing A Female Private Investigator Benefits Your Case

Female Private Investigator in Los Angeles

The private investigation world has been widely perceived as a “man’s world”. The different cultural factors, movies, and misconceptions often make people think that men are best suited for this job because of the risks involved. Well, that was never valid!

Women have been excelling in this area as well. Women have several advantages that help them excel as PIs and exceed expectations.

This post will try to answer all your questions about the women investigations world and clear any ambiguities.

Female private investigators face plenty of stereotyping and misconceptions, and it is essential that you are well informed. We take pride in the great efforts women PIs put in and their achievements and that is why we would love to showcase their abilities and accomplishments. Some of the most frequently asked questions are:

  • Are there many female PIs in the USA?
  • Can women PIs perform all investigations services?
  • Why should I choose a female PI?
  • How much does it cost to hire a female PI?

(Let’s find out!)

Are there many female PIs in the USA?

Women private investigators number has been rising in recent years, and we tend to see females in the police and investigations workforce more often. Their excellency has been an inspiration. However, the private investigation world is still dominated by men. According to recent studies, women represent only 34% out of the total licensed private investigators.

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Can women PIs perform all investigations services?

Absolutely yes! There is no doubt that our female private investigators will perform all different investigation services and activities. All our licensed investigators are well trained, experienced, and have the drive to get you results! In fact, many factors and natural skills help women perform much better than men. More details following up, keep reading!

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Why should I choose a female PI?

Assets of female PI:

As the world evolves and women are becoming more and more equal to men in the work field, they are now getting more chances to glow in the PI’s business. In fact, women have a lot of natural and social attributes that give them an advantage over men in this field, such as: 

  • Natural ability to read situations better: Women tend to do better in analyzing people and surroundings for many reasons. Some say it is because they are always raised to pay attention to details and be extra careful.

So, suppose you are dealing with a situation that will depend on judging people’s character, anticipating moves, and trying to identify a specific suspect. In that case, I recommend you opt to hire a woman PI as this will boost your chances of solving the problem.

  • Women tend to blend in easily: Women usually tend to socialize better than men, whether during events or small gatherings. In fact, they are perceived as harmless, which allows them to extract information easier. That is why you should choose to hire a woman PI when your case involves some public event or extracting important information from some “officials”.
  • At Kinsey Investigations, we are good at that. Our Female investigators blend in so well, we are never assumed to be a PI!
  • Women are often more easy-going than men: Opening conversations and asking questions seem a lot less threatening when a woman is asking. Our societies and traditions lead people to not think of women as PIs. Well, that is huge leverage for us! This gets us invitations to private conversations and allows us to find business secrets and more.
  • Social skills: Women are generally more empathetic, compassionate, and better at creating conversations with strangers. At least, usually, they seem more understanding and supportive. This helps women PIs do the job better when the case involves children and custody issues. Also, women sound more reassuring, which helps clients open up better and feel safer around a PI.

So, if you suspect your partner is cheating, if you are going through a harsh divorce, and children’s future is at stake, I encourage you to go see a woman PI. Whether you are the husband or the wife, a woman PI has natural abilities to help you analyze the situation better and she will be more reassuring.

  • Women perform better at surveillance: Because women are perceived a lot less threatening/suspicious, they can do a lot better at surveillance and stakeouts.
  • For example, people won’t ask too many questions seeing a woman sitting in a car in their neighborhood. Some would not even pay attention. Therefore, for people who want to locate some target, find out their whereabouts, or collect evidence, we strongly believe that women can do a better job and be more efficient.
  • A woman PI is better at understanding and dealing with other women: For a woman to speak to a stranger about her relationship problems takes a lot of guts. It is often stressful and feels “embarrassing” to talk about a cheating husband to a male PI. That is why it would be a lot more comfortable for them to speak to a woman PI as they feel they can be more understanding and have a “softer” approach. The reverse is also true. I could not tell you how many men tell us it is great speaking to another woman about suspicions because they cannot tell their close friends.
  • Great listeners: Whether when talking to clients or interrogating suspects or anyone else involved with your case, women are naturally better listeners than men. This helps them get more details and understand the situation and the client’s thoughts better. Of course, this means better results!
  • Women are usually physically less threatening than men: This encourages us, women, to deal with situations with a much safer approach, so we avoid to putting ourselves, our clients, or anyone else in “danger” and avoid heated problems. It’s like choosing to act smart rather than jump into conflicts.

We can still list many reasons why this job actually suits women better and our advantages over men. But that is not the real issue. The bottom line, women are still underestimated.

So before hiring a PI, consider all options and think of what might suit your case better.

Imagine trying to serve someone legal papers or even get someone to answer questions. Are they going to open the door to a big, scary guy or an ordinary woman who looks like your actual neighbor? We do have some precious distinct advantages over men here!

 Ask about our female private investigators in Los Angeles, and hire a female PI. It might be  a game-changer for your case!

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How much does it cost to hire a female PI?

There is no difference between men and women when it comes to fees. In fact, as a client, you are asked to pay for the investigations services to solve your case. The charges cover everything for successfully getting you results, and gender is not part of the equation. The fees generally vary on the number of hours put in, the number of investigators required, the technology used, the complexity of the case… etc.

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Be careful,though… 

Whether in Los Angeles or any place for that matter, you will find a lot of private investigation agencies claiming to have female PIs within their teams and use this to mislead clients. We, at Kinsey Investigations, recommend that people look into the company’s background and search for reviews and more before officially engaging one.

Also, you should always meet the person you are hiring, whether it is a big matter or not. It is easy to get scammed by such false claims nowadays, and it is not just harming us, the female investigators, but also it is harming people in general, and it is simply not honest.

We have had clients that told us they hired so and so other PI firm (and we usually know who they are) first, we scammed or disappointed in results. Check out their reputation and again, that they have a female PI. We are a female-owned business by our lead PI.

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In summary, I have been often asked, whether from individuals or firms -for a female PI. Sometimes when I answer the phone, it is assumed I am an office worker or the secretary. No, it is a female and we have several on my team. I can proudly and confidently say that women perform much better than men in various situations where, as stated earlier…we just blend in better. We have natural skills and abilities that allow us to solve problems efficiently.

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This misconception that PIs can only be men should be long gone by now, and people should really trust that women can be pioneers here too, just like in any other industry.

We at Kinsey Investigation are always committed to high standards and great values to continue serving our clients to the best of our abilities and guarantee their satisfaction.

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