Top 10 tasks a private investigator can do for you in 2020

Top 10 tasks a private investigator can do for you in 2020

From TV series such as Breaking Bad, Veronica Mars, Private Eyes, Strike, Scandal and the likes, we have definitely seen private investigators in action.

Typically, a private investigator as depicted in movies and TV series is seen sitting in diffusely lit offices, he wears a bowler hat on his head, cross-legged at his desk. He gets a call from one of the characters, asking him to investigate a person’s backstory.  Private investigators are portrayed as dark and mysterious people whose job is to trail a person’s movement and investigate the person’s past life or criminal activities.

The constant narrative trope pushed by Hollywood leaves most of her audience thinking – What does a private investigator really do? Yes, you’re right. A private investigator does more than lurking in people’s private life to determine if they are criminals.

The history behind the existence of private investigators is quite an interesting one. Private detectives existed as a means to perform tasks that the traditional law enforcement officers are unwilling or unable to do. Back in the 19th century, it was in France that the private investigators developed techniques of record-keeping and also the usage of indelible ink in order to solve the crimes in their era. In the United States, Pinkertons, a private investigator agency that only offered its services to wealthy organizations and citizens, dominated the scene.

Since the 19th century, things have changed. The private investigation has evolved to become more versatile. They have also become more accessible to the general public.

Perhaps you stay in Los Angeles, and you need help with tasks that the public law enforcement agency might not be able to solve. Maybe your need for a task that is more difficult than simply tracking an address or phone number? Then you need the help of a private investigator. This is where you might need our private investigation services.

Some of us still have a utopian view of the world. We see everyone as honest and the world as a place not corrupt as the media paint it. This is an optimistic view, but it is better to be safe than sorry. In our present era, there is constantly the issue of internet fraud, investment scams, fake companies, identity theft, among other thousands of threats and crimes. You might be unfortunate to be a victim of any of these crimes. This is why a private investigator is needed.

Asides from the safety from the above threats that a private detective can guarantee you; there are other tasks that we as a private investigation company can render if hired.

1. Run a Business Background Screening.

Businesses are entities. They share a certain similitude with humans. Every human has a peculiar past, likewise every business. Businesses are run by individuals. In the process of running the business, these individuals interact with other people and take certain actions that make up the past of the business. Some of these interactions and past might be private. Consequently, what is promoted in the public might be the actual past of the business.

This is why private investigators are important. In a place like Los Angeles where there are thousands of businesses, you might happen to be a business owner yourself. Thus, it is vital that you run a business background check before you enter into a contract with any business. To do this, you will need the help of a private investigator. Definitely, there are private investigators in Los Angeles who can research, probe and deliver pieces of evidence about the organization that you want to partner with.

2. Help with a child custody case.

Child custody cases are of a tricky nature. In order to win in such cases, you have to provide evidence before the court that you are capable of taking care of the child beyond a reasonable doubt. Or, transversely, the other parent is not properly caring for the child in the child’s best interest. 

It is required that you uncover compelling and admissible facts in the court of law if you ever want to win. This is where the use of a private investigator can help your case.

You can get a private investigator in Los Angeles who will act as a witness in court and help prove tough facts. The private investigator will help you prove facts that you might be incapable of handling. With the help of a private investigator, a difficult case can easily turn to a simple one with the right facts and evidence at your fingerprint.

3. Ascertain theft risk

Private investigators can help you ascertain a theft risk. Theft risk usually occurs when a person’s personal details are stolen, and the thief uses a person’s identity to perpetrate fraud. Identity risk is a crime that is hitting the roof as it is becoming worse. Yearly, millions of dollars are lost due to identity risk.

With the advice of a private investigator, you can save yourself from becoming a victim. Private detectives can also help you if you are a victim. They can help find out the person who stole your identity and help file a report to take to law enforcement.

4. Run Dating Background Screenings.

In a world of Tinder, Grindr, OurTime among others, online dating has become a norm. It is pretty easy for anyone to open a profile on these dating sites. However, it is important to be cautious with prospective partners that you meet online. Even offline, it is vital that you know the background of the individual who you meet at the mall or the bar. Is he/she truly who they profess to be?

This is another area where the help of private investigators come in. Detectives can help you conduct a comprehensive dating background check that will verify the employment details, ID, passport, security details and the education of the individual.

5. Help with documentation verification.

In a situation where you have an ID, passport or documents that you need authenticity for, a private investigator can help with this. While it sounds a little bit extra to suggest this, but there are situations where your efforts to authenticate certain documents might prove futile. The documents might not even be in a language that you understand. Luckily for you, there are international investigators who specialize in verifying documents, passports, and identification.

6. Help prevent online dating scams.

The freedom to access the internet has led to the proliferation of online crimes. This perpetuation of online fraud has been extended to dating sites. Anyone can open a profile on dating apps today, given they have a working email address. This has paved the way for scam in the booming industry – online dating.

Victims of online dating lose money and emotional balance. No one is immune to online romance scams – not even you. However, you can prevent being a victim of an online dating scam by hiring a private investigator. A private investigator can help you verify the truth behind any profile by conducting a comprehensive background check.

7. Criminal Activities Probe

Law enforcement agencies have limited resources. Also, they are mostly complacent about global crimes such as internet fraud due to their incessant rate. It is usual to see the police fail to investigate your case when it comes to such cases.

When you find it hard to find help from law enforcement agencies in an urgent criminal case, it is time you hired a private investigator. With a reputable investigation company, you can solve a criminal case with your attorney.

8. Embezzlements Investigations.

Embezzlement of funds is a financial crime that can occur in any organization. You can prevent a situation in your company where assets will be missing, bribes are taken, and books are not kept properly, by hiring a private investigator.

A private investigator can help trail the guilty party through background checks and uncover stolen assets through money trail.

9. Stalker Investigation.

Research reports that around 1.5 million people are stalked in the United States. Yes, not only celebrities get stalked. Chances are that you might be part of the victims of this social vice. You can take charge of the situation and hire a private investigator. He can help you stop the threat and help get the stalker(s) prosecuted.

(We recommend in cases like this, you should get the law enforcement agencies involved.)

10. Divorce, Cheating, and Family Law Investigations.

In today’s world, divorce cases are very common. In fact, they are almost becoming hard to avoid. This is not to imply that your union with your spouse would not last, but, one cannot tell the future. However, if you find yourself in divorce cases, you might find out that your spouse might be cheating on you or hiding important asset details from you. when you hire a private investigator, there are ways to access records such as bank accounts you are ignorant or to verify if he or she is truly cheating. As a private investigation company, we can help run a background check on your spouse’s finances, movement and discover his/her accomplice in infidelity.

*Your private investigator can also help your attorney uncover evidence when needed.

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