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A cheating spouse is hard to catch, posing as a daunting task for many. The fact that you are not a detective might make it almost impossible for you to apprehend a cheating spouse or also spot the glaring signs that your spouse is cheating. A cheating spouse usually tries to cover up their tracks to prevent any suspicion. 

What happens to most people when they suspect a cheating partner is, the only evidence they have is their intuition, which is no evidence at all. With only intuition in place, challenging a cheating spouse with it will make the cheating spouse more careful and misleads you into believing you are acting crazy. 

However, we have also to consider the fact that although our intuition is usually right, what we suspect might not always be the case. We have seen several instances where individuals were just paranoid. It is only reasonable that when you suspect that your spouse is cheating, you want to prove your suspicion definitively.

Are you tired of having only your intuition, and you want to be able to decode concrete signs that your spouse is cheating? Do not panic; we have basic signs you should watch out for in a cheating spouse.

These signs include; 


Alterations in security details, password, login details in technological tools. It is a norm among modern couples, for them to share their account details like cloud sharing and password sharing. Sharing sensitive information like passwords is done to exhibit trust in one another. As a spouse, when you notice specific changes in the account details of these devices, it could be a sign that your spouse is cheating. Some good instances are;

  1.  Observing your spouse switching off cloud sharing network
  2. It may be evident when your spouse ultimately puts an abrupt stop to using shared devices. (Including changing or adding a password to their cell phone).
  3. It may be visible when you notice that your partner has made a habit of clearing the browser history on the computer at home.
  4. If you detect that your spouse’s fitness tracker now records exercises at strange hours and times.


The sex life you and your partner share shows some changes. Your spouse suddenly does somethings that are strange or stops some bedroom activities he/she does regularly before; this may be an indication that your partner is cheating. Signs to watch out for in situations like this;

  1. Less intimacy in the relationship and the connection has dropped significantly between you two. 
  2. Sex life becoming non- existent. 
  3. Spouse introducing new sexual styles in the bedroom, which you know nothing of or practiced before. 
  4. Getting infected with Sexually Transmitted Diseases, with your spouse, your only sex partner.

These sex-life related signs are one of the most common ways to validate that your spouse has been cheating.

Changes in Habits

Certain habits are noticed in others from living with them over the years. Sudden changes in such habit in your spouse is an indication, your spouse is cheating. This is because habits are built over a long period, but suspicious negative changes in your spouse should alert you of the impending danger of a cheating spouse. Changes which you should watch out for in your cheating spouse; 

  1. Spouse refrains from professing love verbally, which he/she does before.
  2. Your partner is always looking disinterested in anything that deals with both of you, hard to get a reaction from them.
  3. Lack of communication and there is a disconnection because your partner is holding back, and this is usually referred to as “stonewalling.”
  4. A significant change in the attention given. This could be too much (making up for the cheating) or too little (losing the focus due to cheating).
  5. The spouse becomes adventurous and does things outside his/her norm.
  6. Increased interest in your spouse’s outlook appearance. They seem to care more about how they look.
  7. Your spouse tries out a new entertaining hobby, leaving you out even when you wanted to join in. Giving excuses on why you should not join.
  8. Excuses about overtime at work become frequent, and you called the workplace and they say otherwise.
  9. Your spouse is not always at ease when he/she is around you. Always wandering away in thoughts with you around. 

These are just some of the changes in habits you might notice. However, these are usually the first and most popular changes that people exhibit when they are cheating on their partners.


When you begin to notice drastic or subtle changes in the character of your spouse, it could be a sign that your spouse is cheating. For every action an individual takes, there is always a reason of thought behind it. For every attitude, a spouse takes that is different from the norm, there is fear of cheating taking place in the other spouse. 

The basis of the actions of change in attitude includes; 

  1. Low self-esteem displayed by the cheating spouse.Or the converse, more self-esteem. Your spouse may feel superior or even “cocky” lately.
  2. Development of a sense of confusion about their personality by the cheating spouse.
  3. Exudation of negative energy towards you and everything about you.
  4. Increased criticism by the cheating spouse, on everything you do. Always complains like a whining baby at every turn he/she gets.
  5. Spouse picks up more fights, at every turn, finds an argument and is always feisty around you. 
  6. Spouse gets defensive and apprehensive about matters arising from cheating in a relationship.
  7. When you are not reassured that your spouse is not cheating even after getting verbal reassurance from them, this could be a sign that your spouse is cheating.


When the lies are becoming more often than normal, your sixth sense should tell you that your partner is cheating. If you try to persuade them, they keep laying lies upon lies, or they become aggressive. You should get suspicious. 

Of importance to note is that all the signs listed here individually might not necessarily mean that your spouse is cheating, and in truth, some partners are paranoid. However, how can you be sure that you are not basing your observations on assumptions, like we popularly say, how can you be sure that you are not “seeing things?” You would need concrete evidence for that. 

How then can you get viable proof even while continuing with your regular daily activities and without your spouse coming to a knowledge of it? The answer is not far-fetched; you need to hire a private investigator!

Private Investigators 

A Private Investigator usually referred to as “P.I.” is an agent who makes inquiries into situations for you. A private investigator can be hired by anyone of eligible age to undertake lawful investigatory services. The services of a private investigator are beneficial in cases where you are unable to know if your partner is cheating on you definitively, and you have your suspicions. 

The occurrence of infidelity could be a very daunting one, and this could lead to several painful circumstances. Over time, it has been advised that no one should base allegations on assumptions. You have to know that your spouse is cheating before making such accusations or taking any major decisions. The aftermath of an ordeal of infidelity is often irreversible, and it would be devastating to find out that you were wrong eventually. 

Either by assuming that your partner was cheating or not the most efficient way to avoid these scenarios is to hire a private investigator to handle the job of validating your assumptions.

Why You Should Hire A Private Investigator

The Importance of hiring the services of a private investigator is more than you can imagine. They include;

  1. Private Investigators offer services that law enforcement agents are unwilling or sometimes even unable to carry out as it might not be a part of their job description. The profession has brought various inventions and innovations to the forensic force as a whole, and the lack of speculation needed has bred a lot of creativity in the field. The field has involved immensely over time.
  2. It is a very suitable and legal method of making inquiries into reasonable matters that for several reasons, you would not be able to look into yourself. Also, over the years, it has been found that employing the services of a private investigator is advantageous because in most cases we find that people end up finding out so much additional information that would be useful to them. 
  3. PI’s do the dirty work for you, with them at the helm you can be sure you have got an eye on your spouse. 

Do you think you are living with a cheating spouse? Why not speak to a PI to help you run the errands of finding out. Living in Los Angeles? Then you are in luck. We are an agency that provides you with top-notch services in Private Investigation in Los Angeles.

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