Missing Person Cases-Found in Los Angeles

missing persons in Los Angeles

It is very difficult to find a missing person in Los Angeles. I receive calls all the time. If they are adults, there is usually a sign of mental health issues or violence involved.

Usually, it is a mental health issue. Where did they go? Why did they wind up in LA? Who do they know here? We check with family, friends. We have the family fill out a missing person’s report with the police. The report goes in to the NCIC, National Crime Information Center, basically the FBI. We speak with anyone and everyone involved.

We have found each and every missing person’s case with a positive outcome. I always fear that might not always be the case.

  1.     Missing daughter from Los Angeles…found!
  2. Adult daughter goes missing from Los Angeles. Alcoholic, drug-addicted boyfriend. Parents call Kinsey from another state. We speak to family, sister of girl, any friends, Facebook friends, etc. Same with the boyfriend-we reach out to his people. Again, they are from out of state, claimed they were driving back home and never arrived. Boyfriend’s roommate calls back our offices and says “I’m not sure if this is relevant or not, but I received a missed call and call ID says XYZ hotel near LAX”. We race out to XYZ hotel, car as described in parking lot. We run the plates, come back to the daughter. There were several hotel parking validations on the windshield and inside on the dashboard. Hotel staff says man is violent. We do not know if he is keeping her against her will, if she lost her phone, if she is on an alcoholic or drug-induced episode. We get the police involved. Police come, separate the two. We all convince her it is in her best interest to go back to her home in another state. Kinsey, with the dad’s permission, gets her a flight and escorts her all the way to the gate and make sure she gets on that plane. She had a connection flight in another state and we prayed she made it home. Sister calls us to confirm she made it home and thank you, thank you!!

  3.    Missing adult son from the East Coast … found!
  4. Adult son comes out here for college from the East Coast. He loves Los Angeles. He is acting strange when he goes home to visit parents. His grades are failing. Parents decide to have him sit out one quarter, see how it goes or sit out year and take local community classes. Son promises to increase grades, take school more seriously. He comes back to LA and “disappears”. In this instance, he chooses to be homeless, just wandering LA. He has local family in LA, no one hears from him. They call Kinsey after a year and a half of trying on their own to locate him. Did they file a missing person’s report (yes). Kinsey checks, none found. We make sure one was done this time. Kid gets in trouble, arrested and let go by police. We try to get him during arraignment and then the bail hearing. He does not show. Now there is a warrant. (Good, if he is run by the police in the future for any reason-he will show up as missing person). Nothing, nothing… a year goes by. Still nothing… One day, Barbara is driving to Hollywood to serve a business some paperwork. There is this man sleeping on a bench as in traffic to make a right turn. HOLY SHIT, THAT’S HIM!! Mom confirms it. We get him, rehab, counseling…many months go by, and he is reunited with his family and doing well.

    Later in life from this mom (via text):
    — you know my son has been through a lot three years on the streets it’s not three days is a big trauma for him is the long process healing by the grace of God with the help of the psychologist and therapist He will be healed forever thank you so much for everything You have been there all along without complaining you are our angel sent by God We truly believe that The way we find my son was a truly miracle thank you so much for being there for my family and you still there encouraging what else can I say thank you ?
    Another time:
    — thinking of you Barbara thank God thank you for everything may God continue to bless you dear and give you strength wisdom more resources ?

  5.    Missing adult daughter from Brentwood… found!
  6. Adult daughter goes missing from Brentwood. Alcohol rehab. Rehab place lets her out with “two tokens” for transportation. She wanders into the giant abyss of Los Angeles. Parents file a missing person’s report and then they call Kinsey. We go to the rehab place, we speak with the people who last saw her. She mentions…parks, lagoons, water. So we go looking at all the area parks with water. Exhaustive efforts lead us to her. Parents and daughter reunited, happy ending.

  7.    Missing girl from Washington, DC area… found!
  8. Adult daughter goes missing from the Washington, DC area. Last seen in Santa Monica. Parents involved, hire me. Same story, we file a missing person’s report. Kinsey checks the area hospitals, the various homeless and community services where this individual might have been seen. Leads lead to more leads. We track them down. Finally, parents receive notification, bank accessed in W. Hollywood.  We found her by contacting the bank, bank manager, asking if they have seen her (Yes). Then we decide to stake out the bank.  We find her. We call the police, mental health evaluation. The police decide to put her under a psychiatric hold (or not).  Then we go from there.

  9.    Missing daughter from the State of Virginia…found!
  10. Adult daughter goes missing from the State of Virginia. Has previous mental health issues and alcoholism. We file a missing person’s report. Kinsey checks the area hospitals, the various homeless and community services where this individual might have been seen. Leads lead to more leads. We track them down. We find through social media, she is still online. Whether alcohol induced or not, she is ranting on social media. Kinsey reaches out to her friends. We find her at an Airbnb in Los Angeles.

  11.    Missing International student from London…found!
  12. International student from London comes to NYC for a year in high school. He goes missing in May, right before graduation. Does not return parents and family in NYC do not know what to do. Mother in London calls Kinsey at 11:30 PM on a Saturday night. Why I answered the phone that night, I do not know.  Mom tells me her story. Please email me the info. The next day we go searching. We back-track his movements, as days go by, we have mom look at ATM records. Last used in Los Angeles near LAX. A few days go by and mom sees online banking a check returned from someone in Carson. We go to the address on the check. Talk to a young man who gives us this song and dance and tries to weasel out of what happened. Apparently, the kid had a laptop, a cell phone, lots of cash and accepted a ride from a group of kids from Carson.  We guessed a scenario from there. We threatened the kid who told us this story who had 2 priors. He finally told us what happened. We go to the police, prove foul play, officer does not want to take missing person report from Kinsey because parents from England. I said you know what, when this (black) kid is found dead in a gutter in Los Angeles, and they interview me. I will be sure to tell them a white officer refused to take a missing person’s report. It will become a national incident. I then thought about it, wait, no, INTERNATIONAL –the kid is from London, England. The officer was “alright, alright….I will take your missing person’s report”. He did and times goes by. The “kid” is caught jumping the turn-styles at a BART station in San Francisco. The officer runs the kid and my name shows up as the contact. SF officer promises to hold him. I call the parents with the good news. We need to get copies of ID and get him back home. The parents wanted me to escort him back to England. Thankfully, they had a relative in California that was willing to do so and we did not have to.

I tried to make a phone call to that family that day; I was so excited I could not make the international call properly.  I emailed her while figuring out strategy with the SF police….telling her I found her son alive and well… she called me back immediately so excited. I will remember that call from that happy mother for the rest of my life.

Later in life from this mom:

-I can never forget you. I pray all is well with you. Every year on the anniversary of your ‘we found him’ email, I think of you and thank God for your diligence and care.
My son is doing sooo well. He is in University second year of a 3-year program. We are so happy with him.
If there is ever anything I can do for you, financially or otherwise please let me know.

Each and every case is unique. I could go on and on, but why people come to Los Angeles, I don’t know. Maybe the same reason I did. The sunshine, the warm weather, the beach-these are what drew me here. People do not always have a plan and they get “lost”.

We are there to help them get found!