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Best Private Investigators in Los Angeles for the Third Time

“Who’s the best private investigator near me?”
“Who’s the best female private investigator near me?”
If you’re in the Los Angeles area, the answer to both these questions is Kinsey Investigations. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Our dozens of online 5-star reviews speak for themselves, and now, for the third year, has ranked Kinsey Investigations among the Best Private Investigators in Los Angeles. Our team of female private investigators excel in their work, and our Los Angeles private detective agency is also known as the California private investigations firm with a heart. That’s because our P.I.s know how to approach sensitive cases with compassion and professionalism. From Malibu and Beverly Hills to Santa Monica and Long Beach, Kinsey Investigations offers everything from process service to cheating spouse investigations. If you want to work with the best Los Angeles private investigations firm, call Kinsey Investigations.

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Hiring a Private Investigator to Find Someone Who Doesn’t Want to Be Found

Hiring a private investigator to find someone is not always a case of a runaway child or a vulnerable adult. Sometimes, California private investigators are asked to locate missing persons who have skipped town purposefully, and do not wish to be found by the people or businesses looking for them. Skip tracing, as L.A. private investigators call these investigations, refers to locating missing persons in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California who have left town to avoid paying debts or settling other important business. Unpaid rent or other debts are common reasons that “skips” attempt to go off-grid. Committing fraud or engaging in other illegal activity may also be the impetus for someone to cut off contact and leave their known place of residence. In California, there is no waiting period to report someone missing, and the first hours and days of a skip tracing investigation are just as important as the earliest part of any missing person’s case. If you need to find someone who owes you money or other business or legal satisfaction, don’t wait! Call Kinsey Investigations today.

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When You Suspect Infidelity – Advice from a Cheating Detective

L.A. private investigators handle Los Angeles infidelity investigations on a regular basis. Every California private investigator can be a cheating detective, though individuals and agencies have various specialties to offer that may or may not include cheating spouse investigations. Kinsey Investigations is a full-service Los Angeles private detective agency, licensed and insured throughout the state. When it comes to adultery or cheating spouse investigations, we have more than 20 years’ experience finding the truth and helping our clients gather evidence and determine their next course of action safely and legally. How much a cheating investigator costs will depend heavily on the individual circumstances of the case. What we can promise everyone who chooses to work with Kinsey Investigations, however, is professional and compassionate service. We’re known as the California private investigations firm with a heart, and we’re the preferred firm for highly emotional cases, as cheating spouse investigations tend to be.

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Compassionate Service in California Wrongful Death Investigations

The best L.A. private investigators understand, when handling a wrongful death investigation, compassion and sensitivity become just as important as expertise and professionalism. In California, wrongful death investigations come into play for many reasons including workplace hazards, corporate negligence, or other dangerous or criminal behavior. Among Los Angeles private detective agencies in this male-dominated industry, Kinsey Investigations stands out with its team of dedicated female private investigators. We bring a unique blend of professionalism, tenacity, and emotional intelligence that is invaluable when dealing with highly sensitive issues like wrongful death cases. Whether you’re in Malibu or Beverly Hills, Brentwood or Long Beach, our women-owned California private investigations firm embodies the perfect combination of technical expertise and compassionate service.

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What Private Investigators DON’T Do

As we’ve posted recently, L.A. private investigators offer a wide array of services from secret shopping a business to searching for missing persons or investigating a wrongful death. Sometimes, however, it’s just as important to understand what California private investigators DON’T do. Unfortunately, there are “services” that Los Angeles detective agencies cannot offer for legal logistical, or ethical reasons. And while we DO have an impressive amount of training and tools, it’s important to keep in mind, we’re not mind-readers, magicians, or accessories for circumventing the legitimate ways that law-abiding people protect themselves and their privacy. Take some of the following examples.

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The Ticking Clock of Missing Persons Cases

Locating missing persons in places like Los Angeles and Orange Counties requires, among other things, a deep knowledge of the area and its infrastructure. In California, every year, over 100,000 adults and children disappear, and every California private investigator knows that the sooner professionals can begin searching, the greater the chances of locating them. Especially in a city as large and diverse as Los Angeles, the reasons children and adults go missing span a broad spectrum, from the most common like parental abduction of a child, to the most unique and unimaginable reasons that some adults disappear. But as any Los Angeles private detective will tell you, what’s central to all missing person cases is a race against the clock. That’s because no matter why a child or adult is missing, the more time that passes, the greater the odds that they’ll encounter dangerous people or situations, or that they or an abductor will secure transportation out of the city or even farther away. This is why the first hours and days in missing persons cases can make all the difference between a safe homecoming and a much less happy ending.

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Another Day in the Life of a Private Investigator

What Does a Private Investigator Do? As we’ve mentioned before, there’s no such thing as a typical day in this line of work. California private investigators go with a different flow every day, depending on the “who,” “what,” and “where” of the cases we’re working on. Sometimes, it’s as simple as serving court papers, but as Los Angeles private detectives, we could just as easily be engaged in multi-day stakeouts or a high-stakes missing persons case, where every second counts. The work, the pace, and the hours for L.A. detectives vary so much, because every case is unique, and we’re always trying to be one step ahead.

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Becoming a Private Investigator in Los Angeles

If becoming a private investigator is something you’ve thought about, chances are you’re not the most typical job seeker, or perhaps even the most typical person. The intensity, long hours, and high stakes of a private detective’s job, especially those of a Los Angeles private detective, are enough to discourage a great many people from ever considering this profession. Part of the good news for anyone who has imagined becoming a California private investigator – our state’s process, while lengthy, is one of the most straight-forward in the nation. It begins with gaining a required number of hours of professional investigative experience, followed by sitting for the California Private Investigator Exam, and finally, applying and paying for the license from the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). While some innate qualities and talents do help, much of what makes an L.A. private investigator good at their job can be learned and picked up from experience. Determination is very important as well, so for those who are eligible (and dedicated enough to stay the course), becoming a private investigator is possible.

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Process Service by Los Angeles County Investigators

Los Angeles process servers are not the only ones who can serve legal documents in southern California. California private investigators can also handle process service of court paperwork or other important documents that need to be legally served. At Kinsey Investigations, all our L.A. private investigators are also process servers, and process service of all kinds of documents is one of the many private investigations services we offer. While process service is often depicted in a negative light, in movies and on TV, anyone who’s ever waited weeks or months for court documents to be served in their high-stakes case can explain what a relief it is to hear that the parties named in their case have been served. While it is also legal for a lay person to carry out process service, as long as they’re not a party in the case, there are many solid reasons for choosing professional process service from a Los Angeles private detective agency. At Kinsey Investigations, our female private detectives have more than 20 years’ experience locating people or businesses named in legal proceedings and officially serving them with the required paperwork for our clients’ cases to move forward. Many of our five-star online reviews tell stories exactly like this.

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Can California Private Investigators Use Drones?

Can California Private Investigators Use Drones? While you might think it makes sense for a private detective to use a drone for surveillance or gathering evidence, the truth of the matter is more complicated. Many federal and state regulations apply to operating a drone, whether for work or recreation. And many cities and counties (Orange County and the city of Malibu, for instance) have their own unique municipal codes as well. The use of images, audio or video recorded by a drone is also subject to many regulations, and California private investigation firms must follow these like any private citizen. A Los Angeles private detective agency such as Kinsey Investigations cannot legally fly a drone over private property, or even within the vicinity of someone in public, for the purpose of recording someone’s personal or familial business. And any evidence an L.A. private investigator gathers by illegal means will not be admissible in court. However, drones can still be used by Los Angeles private investigation firms in some cases. Kinsey Investigations is meticulous about following federal, state, and local laws in all of our case work, including how to use drones legally and effectively as part of some private investigations services.

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