Hiring the Best L.A. Private Investigators for Civil Litigation Support

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From Bel Air to Brentwood and the heart of Los Angeles to Long Beach, lawyers hire L.A. private investigators to help them build the strongest case possible for their civil lawsuit clients. The best Los Angeles County Investigators are used to working in this capacity within the judicial system, because like most law firms, we understand that knowing the truth and proving it in court are two very different things. For a lawsuit without a private investigator on the team, a lawyer may still have to hire a Los Angeles process server to make sure all the parties named in the suit are properly notified about the case. They will, then, either spend their own time gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses and other parties in the case or delegate these tasks to a paralegal or other law office staff who may or may not have a lot of experience carrying them out. Either way, everyone who works at a law firm will inevitably have other work competing for their attention, and they’d be the first to admit, they’re not experts at these parts of the job. On the other hand, a Los Angeles private detective agency, like Kinsey Investigations does specialize in all this kind of work. We spend our days carrying out these and other private investigation services for all manner of clients, from individuals to small businesses and large corporations. We’re experts at what we do, and we know how to do it safely, efficiently, and with a level of acumen rarely found outside our industry. Together, these factors make hiring a Los Angeles private detective a no-brainer for any important civil litigation.

Law Firms Save Time by Hiring Los Angeles County Investigators

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While the most common television and movie depictions of private investigators may be the ones involving gruesome murder scenes, cheating detectives hot on the trail of a philandering spouse, or even the iconic high-speed car chase, a lot of what California private investigators do, day-to-day, wouldn’t even make for an interesting commercial break. As we’ve said before, if you’re thinking about becoming a private investigator, don’t do it for the glamor or the panache, because plenty of private investigation work is quite dry and boring. It might be combing through online databases on Monday, making records requests on Tuesday, and searching through courthouse documents on Wednesday. Not that we don’t have our fair share of heart pounding moments and boring days unexpectedly turning into adrenaline rushes. It’s just that any seasoned and dedicated L.A. private investigator will tell you, you have to embrace all aspects of this job.

One of those is providing attorney support to law firms that hire us to help them with civil litigation. A lawyer might hire a private investigator to help with multiple aspects of a case, including process service of legal documents, gathering evidence, and conducting research. We’ve blogged before about the cost savings in both time and money of leaving detective work to private detectives, not to mention the considerable difference between an attorney’s hourly rate and that of a private investigator. While Kinsey Investigations doesn’t have a set hourly rate, when you do the math, what we earn hourly will almost never reach anywhere close to attorney fees. And while lawyers and paralegals certainly can perform all the work that goes into a civil lawsuit, hiring a private investigator nearly always saves time and certainly saves money.

Though private investigators do not participate directly in enforcing or interpreting the law, we still provide many important services within the judicial system. We may help catch a person or organization breaking the law, gather evidence, conduct research or interviews for pending litigation, and even testify in court. Because private detectives specialize in specific aspects of the legal process, we can usually get those jobs done faster and more efficiently than an attorney or paralegal who must also attend to so many other aspects of their jobs. The stereotype of the “greedy lawyer” might create the expectation that law firms try to keep as much work in house as possible. What we’ve learned working alongside many lawyers, the savvy ones value time at least as much as money, and understand the wisdom in delegating tasks to the people who can get them done most effectively and expediently. In many areas of civil litigation, that person is a private investigator.

Kinsey Investigations’ Female Private Investigators Provide Expert Civil Litigation Support

Kinsey Investigations’ team of female private detectives have the experience, professionalism, and emotional intelligence to be an asset to any kind of civil litigation. We can expedite process service, the first step in bringing a civil lawsuit. We can also interview or reinterview witnesses in a case. The majority of both men and women report feeling more at ease with a female private investigator, so it’s a no-brainer to imagine that the most children, from preschoolers to teenagers, would agree. With this natural rapport, we can often get more answers and in-depth information from witness than a man, whether that man is a police officer, lawyer, or male private detective. Because we have more than 20 years’ experience working on civil cases in places like Malibu, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Long Beach, we not only know exactly where to find the necessary information or evidence, we also know how to gather it thoroughly and expediently. That’s why when lawyers throughout the Los Angeles area want to build the strongest civil case for their clients, they contact Kinsey Investigations.