Preferred Private Investigator in California Family Law Cases

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Kinsey Investigations has the proper licensing, experience and insurance to handle all sorts of family law cases. Cohabitations and domestic abuse, hidden assets and infidelity, child support and custody disputes – in our more than 30 years as an L.A. private investigations firm, we’ve seen and worked on all these types of cases and more.

The Leading California Private Investigator for Family Law Cases

Nothing has more potential to turn someone’s life upside down than trouble at home. When circumstances reach the level of requiring private detective services, the trust within the relationship(s) has already greatly deteriorated. Home is where we should be able to feel safest, and our families are the people we should be able to trust the most. Sadly, all too many homes and families become places where the people within cannot feel relaxed or even safe. Dishonesty, infidelity, manipulation and abuse are just a few of the circumstances that can shake up, and break up, families forever. Sometimes these breaches can be mended, but all too often they cannot. And this is where Kinsey Investigations comes in.

Not only are we California private investigators with 30 years’ experience in cases like these, we are a licensed L.A. private detective agency that can offer the advantages of using a female private investigator. Family law cases often require sensitive treatment, a light touch and a strong intuition. Kinsey Investigations is so well-regarded by our past clients and industry partners that we’ve even gotten referrals for these types of cases from competing Los Angeles detective agencies.

Types of family law cases we can handle include, but are not limited to, pre-marital background checks, cohabitation, hidden assets, infidelity, alimony, custody, child support, welfare checks, missing persons, domestic abuse of all kinds, elder abuse and missing heir searches. Because a family’s quality of life may depend on our discretion, Kinsey Investigations knows how to blend in, in any environment. We have the expertise to avoid suspicion and easily foster a sense of trust. In nearly every case, we’re able to gather the evidence our clients need to know the truth of the situation, so they can decide how to proceed.

Preferred California Private Investigations Firm for Process Service and Attorney Support

And it’s not only individuals hiring us in family law investigations. We also provide process service of court and other legal documents and attorney support for cases of divorce, alimony, child custody/support and other domestic and family issues. From Los Angeles to Long Beach, we are the California private investigators who get the job done. We never waste time, and we offer very competitive rates for our services.

Domestic and Family Cases

While issues including infidelity, custody and child support come to mind most quickly in terms of domestic and family law cases, some of our lesser-known services include pre-marital background checks, elder abuse and missing heir searches.

Pre-marital Background Checks

Before entering into a life-long commitment, you should consider running a background check. (We’ve seen some crazy stuff in our investigation efforts!) Does your fiancé have a criminal record? Have they been married before? Do they have children (or even grandchildren!) you may not know about? You wouldn’t believe some of the bad situations we’ve been able to help our clients avoid.

Elder Abuse

An aging family member can often be as vulnerable to abuse as a child, and just as with a child, inadequate care or outright neglect can be just as detrimental as other types of abuse. Pride, failing mental capacity and a number of other factors may make proving elder abuse even more difficult in one or more ways. Whether the abuse is psychological, physical, financial or a combination of these, Kinsey Investigations employees know how to spot the signs others might miss. The evidence we’ve gathered for our past clients has helped them save their loved ones from suffering in silence.

Missing Heir Searches

We can trace back at least three generations in your family tree. If you suspect an heir has been overlooked, or you need to find someone related to you, we are here to help. All inquiries are unique so don’t hesitate to call for a free consultation.

When it comes to private detective services in cases involving family law, Kinsey Investigations stands above the competition in the greater Los Angeles area.