Experts in Digital Forensics Private Investigations in California

Kinsey Investigations Digital Forensics

California private detective services have gone from rarely needing to engage in digital forensics to using this technique for the majority of private investigations. Private detectives in Los Angeles and the surrounding area find that cell phone forensics, computer forensics, and/or social media investigations prove useful in many kinds of cases. As a large proportion of society has moved toward living more of their lives online, so too have private investigators in California and elsewhere identified the importance of honing these techniques. Today, the team of female private investigators at Kinsey Investigations know that leads, evidence, and other key information in many of the cases we take on may be easiest to track down through digital forensics. We stay on top of the latest software and applications for finding helpful information for our clients, whether we have direct access to the devices in question or not. And in a world where hackers and digital scammers are also refining their techniques and coming up with new ways to ensnare unsuspecting victims all the time, you’ll want to hire a Los Angeles private detective agency that’s keeping up with the cutting edge of technology.

How L.A. Private Detectives Use Digital Forensics

Today, cybercrimes are more than spam emails or hackers in a basement somewhere. Almost every investigation, criminal or not, requires some sort of digital forensics thanks to cell phones, tablets and desktop computers, social media, and more. Digital forensics include several techniques from device data-extraction to location and IP address-tracking (with or without a device) social media investigations and other digital investigation techniques. At Kinsey Investigations, we’ve answered a growing number of calls about cyberbullying lately, one of the many serious and growing problems society is dealing with as we move more and more of our lives online. Catfishing, all manner of financial scams, and other online fraud are a few of the others. Even in cases such as child custody investigations and locating missing persons in Los Angeles, social media investigations and other forms of digital forensics often come into play before we solve the case. For example, if your loved one goes missing, Kinsey Investigations’ female private detectives can track their digital footprint. The omnipresence of technology in our everyday lives has made it next to impossible to stay completely off-grid.

In terms of cybercriminals targeting individuals, vulnerable people are still falling for phone and email scams every day. Online missteps can lead to identity theft, but we are also living in a world where some credit card information can be copied remotely while a victim is doing nothing more than walking down the street. It truly does NOT matter how old you are, your income level, or where you live – you could find yourself in a compromising situation. Even if you only suspect foul play, hiring a private detective to conduct a digital forensics investigation is often the best way to minimize the damage to your financial accounts, avoid online fraud, and protect your identity.

Digital Forensics for Business Owners and Corporate Private Investigations

In addition to scammers and online fraudsters targeting individuals, businesses and organizations of all sizes must do what they can to guard against data breaches and other cybercrime. If you’re a business owner, executive or manager, it pays to make sure your organization is doing enough to safeguard against hackers, data breaches and other digital threats. Preemptive protection is the best way to avoid harm to your operations and clients, as well as damage to your company’s reputation. At Kinsey Investigations, we offer corporate security investigations in Los Angeles and the surrounding area to help California business owners and operators identify any weaknesses in their security and correct any existing vulnerabilities to avoid falling prey to hackers in the first place.

Kinsey Investigations is the licensed and insured California private detective agency ready to travel around the world wide web for you. We have over 20 years of experience in our field and have helped people and businesses avoid cybercrime and even bring cyber criminals to justice in Los Angeles and Orange Counties and beyond. With the latest and best investigative technology on your side, whether you’re an individual or an organization, you can sleep soundly at night knowing we’ve got your digital back.