Pre-Employment Background Screenings Private Investigations

Many private investigators in California offer pre-employment screening services. However, smart business owners and executives often turn to Kinsey Investigations, specifically, due to our decades of experience and status as one of the best private investigators in Los Angeles. Our team of female private investigators have extensive experience carrying out employee and job applicant background investigations. Depending on your organization’s individual needs, we can conduct a standard, tier-one, pre-employment screening, a tier-two comprehensive background check, or even a tier-three extensive background investigation on your potential new hire. A licensed Los Angeles private detective can usually pick up on inconsistencies and outright deception that most human resources personnel do not have the training or the time to investigate. And as one of the best California private investigations firms, Kinsey Investigations can help ensure your business doesn’t make a mistake in the hiring process that could turn into a big problem for your organization, down the road.

Working with a Los Angeles Private Investigator During the Hiring Process

Pre-employment screenings are some of the most common background check investigations we’re hired to conduct. Choosing to work with a California private investigations firm during the hiring process can save a company valuable time, especially for smaller businesses that may not have an extensive HR department. Even at larger organizations, however, human resources employees are likely not as experienced conducting background investigations as the team of female private detectives at Kinsey Investigations. We have decades of experience in all sorts of private investigations services throughout California. We understand state and federal business legislation, and we have specialized industry techniques for conducting fast, thorough background checks for many different kinds of clients.

Our standard pre-employment screenings include confirmation of the applicant’s name and important identification information, verification of their educational credentials as well as employment history, and a nationwide search for involvement in civil and criminal court proceedings, going back seven years prior. If the applicant has invented (or strategically left out) anything relevant to their job candidacy, we’ll find it. If credentials they’ve provided on their application or resume don’t check out, Kinsey Investigations will report back with the truth. Some discrepancies can be explained, but if a job candidate is being outright dishonest, we will arm our client with the information they need to make an informed hiring decision.

Comprehensive and Extensive Background Screening Private Investigations

While our standard pre-employment background check suffices for the majority of our corporate clients, some organizations require more extensive background screenings for some or all of their hiring decisions. In these cases, Kinsey Investigations can offer our tier-two comprehensive background checks, or even our tier-three extensive background investigation services. In addition to what’s included in our standard pre-employment screenings, a tier two background investigation also includes confirmation of residential history, marital status, information about close family members and other associates, financial history including bankruptcies, foreclosures, tax liens, etc., and investigation into fraudulent dealings of any kind. Our tier three services include all of this as well as research into military service and affiliations, a detailed look into business associations and sources of income, information obtained through our confidential sources, and interviews with direct and indirect references. The truth is that the full extent of what we can offer to include in our various levels of background investigations services will vary based on client needs and each individual private investigation. So, for more information, check out our background checks and investigations services page, or give our office a call.

While it’s very possible for someone with poor decisions in their past to make positive changes and grow from their mistakes, a Los Angeles private investigations firm can bring pertinent details about a job candidate’s history into the light and offer business clients the opportunity to make the best choices relative to their organization’s individual level of risk tolerance. Many California employers are looking to give second chances and open opportunities to individuals who would have been considered unemployable just 10 years ago. Kinsey Investigations is not out to tell anyone how to run their operations. Our job with any pre-employment screening is to determine the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the applicant, and let our clients make their own decisions from there.