L.A. Child Custody & Child Support Investigations

Handling child custody investigations in L.A. and the surrounding area takes a lot more discretion, ingenuity and emotional intelligence than most other types of private investigations services. Child support and child custody cases can be emotional and drawn-out. Kinsey Investigations is a licensed and insured private detective agency in California with decades of experience in child custody cases in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Beverly Hills or Bel Air, Santa Monica or Long Beach, we’ll turn up the truth about your co-parent’s living situation, assets, and everything else it takes to help make sure your child is getting all the love, support and care they deserve.

Child Custody Investigations In L.A.

Loving parents want only the best for their children, and there are many reasons to hire a private investigator to help with your child custody or child support case. Perhaps you suspect your co-parent of exaggerating about their living arrangement in an attempt to gain custody. Or you think they might be lying about their income to avoid paying child support. In any case, an experienced California private detective can conduct surveillance, check financial records, and interview witnesses and other family members to find the evidence you need that will be both compelling and admissible in court.

Hidden assets are an unfortunately common issue in child support investigations. Oftentimes, one parent will lie about their income or other assets. Whether it’s a second home in Malibu or a new wealthy partner in Brentwood, some people go to great lengths to hide their true financial status, especially depending on how much child support they are trying to avoid paying. California Child Support Services will do their best to identify any falsified numbers or hidden assets, but with their significant caseloads, progress can be slow or stall out completely. Hiring a Los Angeles private investigations firm can be a much more expedient way to be sure no stone is left unturned.

Gathering evidence for the initial court hearing, welfare checks on your child, activity checks on you co-parent, hidden assets investigations, ongoing surveillance and more may all come into play as part of child custody and child support cases. Having a savvy California private detective on your side can make such a difference for you and your child. An experienced P.I. will have conducted countless child custody investigations in L.A. and know exactly what California courts are looking for. Kinsey Investigations female private investigators can blend into any environment to conduct activity and welfare checks revealing any potential danger in a child’s living environment. Additionally, a detective can follow up after the initial proceedings to document any changes in a parent’s income or living arrangement, which is essential for revisiting child support agreements.

Best California Private Investigators for Child Support/Custody Cases

No two child custody cases are alike. However, there are some commonalities that can help you choose the right private investigator for your case. In any investigation dealing with children, a female private investigator is often a smart choice. Young children usually feel more comfortable around women than men and are more likely to open up and be honest about their experiences with their parents. Female private investigators tend to be naturally more adept at reading body language as well. They know how to phrase questions in ways children understand and interpret answers and ask for follow ups if suspicious activity or abuse is suspected.

At Kinsey Investigations, we have over 20 years of experience and knowledge of just about every type of family law case. Woman-owned, our staff are more than 75% women and 100% caring and passionate professionals who will handle your case with the compassion and discretion it requires. We will always put the welfare of your children first and be sure to take swift action to ensure your child’s safety. Regardless of where you are in your child custody case, you can reach out to us and learn exactly how we can make the process as smooth as possible for you and your family.