Corporate Security Investigations in Los Angeles

The demand for corporate security investigations in Los Angeles and Orange counties has only increased in the past several years as the number and types of threats to organizations continues to expand. Kinsey Investigations is the California private investigations firm with more than 20 years of experience and an excellent track record identifying both internal and external threats for the companies, universities and other organizations that hire us. We’re a licensed and insured Los Angeles private detective agency experienced and ready to offer assistance for businesses large and small as well as public and private schools and universities, non-profits, churches, municipalities and more. Whether it’s financial due diligence, employee safety, loss-prevention, campus security or all of these, Kinsey Investigations is a leading firm in corporate security investigations in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

California Private Investigations Firm with Corporate Client Experience

Sometimes it seems the only thing moving faster than technology these days are the techniques hackers are using and the number and types of scams making the news. As technology continues to advance and new ways of hacking, theft and workplace harassment develop, businesses and other organizations find themselves facing liabilities completely unheard of just a decade ago. As if that weren’t enough, more and more companies end up facing lawsuits resulting from hazardous workplace conditions, accidents and injuries to employees and customers alike. Dealing with such litigation drains valuable resources away from production and growth. It’s easy to see that avoiding liability in the first place is far preferable to the time-consuming and costly process of dealing with corporate litigation. Hiring a private investigations firm with experience in corporate security investigations is the ideal solution for businesses and other organizations large and small. A licensed and insured private detective agency like Kinsey Investigations can help reveal your company’s vulnerabilities and identify threats, both internal and external, before they’re exploited. We have over 20 years experience serving corporate clients, and we stay up to date on new threats to corporate security as they emerge.

From retail and restaurants to professional services, higher education to non-profits and community organizations, whether a business is customer-facing, dealing in goods or services, every organization has its own unique vulnerabilities. An experienced private investigator can identify all the threats a corporation or other entity could potentially face and give recommendations for how to mitigate them. Through security testing, integrity checks, and other investigation techniques, a California private investigator can gather the evidence and report back to company stakeholders with the information they need to eliminate liabilities and threats. When it comes to issues like campus security, employee and customer safety, loss prevention and network security, a corporate security investigation can help determine what needs to be done for known issues as well as identify potential pitfalls that management and operations were not even aware of. Especially larger organizations with multiple locations can benefit from the objective analysis a private investigator can offer about the need for different or updated security measures depending on each branch’s location and operational differences. Protecting a company’s physical and intellectual property, ensuring the safety of their employees and customers, and managing the stability of their corporate reputation are all considerations during a corporate security investigation.

Of course, external threats are only half the battle. Internal workplace safety hazards, whether related to poor facility design, inadequate maintenance, improper job or safety training, etc. should also be identified and addressed as part of a corporate security investigation. While not all threats are intentional, a lawsuit claiming negligence can be just as damning and detrimental as one resulting from intentional malfeasance. Employee theft, workplace misconduct harassment and even violence are ever-growing concerns as well. Auditing operations and financial statements and conducting thorough background checks as part of the hiring process can go a long way toward heading off potential concerns in the future. This can be as simple as an employment background screening and conducting social media investigations of job candidates, or it can be as in-depth as completing a full background check investigation for due diligence on a potential corporate partner. Regardless of the scale, an experienced private investigation firm can conduct the necessary investigations and help your organization avoid bringing in employees or partners who would create these serious internal threats to safety and integrity.

Mitigating Corporate Security Threats Before They Blow Up Your Bottom Line

The best line of defense against corporate liability is preemptive action. If you have already identified a potential security threat, it is important to act quickly and professionally. A licensed California private detective agency can launch an immediate and comprehensive investigation as well as help determine how to address and remove the threat. If you are one of the thousands of tech companies in the greater Los Angeles area, you know how quickly news can travel, especially bad news. Hiring a professional private investigator is the best way to protect your organization against legal, financial and reputational liabilities. It demonstrates a commitment to finding and fixing the issues so that you can get back to focusing on your company and clients’ needs.

Whether you are running a small business in Long Beach or a multi-million dollar corporation in Santa Monica, it is important to keep your company, your employees and your customers safe. Kinsey Investigations has over 20 years of experience with a team of professionally licensed and insured investigators ready to handle all of your corporate security needs.