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Cell Phone Forensics Private Investigations in California

Los Angeles private detective agencies use cell phone forensics for many types of private investigations services in California. From child support and child custody investigations in L.A. to infidelity investigations and locating missing persons, the information stored in a cell phone may prove vital for cracking a case or helping a client win in court. Using cell phone forensic techniques, a California private investigator can extract data from a digital device which may include location history, private messaging, photos and videos, financial transactions, and more. While some information may even be gathered without direct access to the device, safe and legal confiscation of a cell phone and proper data extraction by an L.A. private investigator ensure that the evidence gathered will be admissible in court. Whether a client simply needs the answer to a specific question or is counting on comprehensive evidence to prevail in legal proceedings, turning to a licensed California private investigation firm for cell phone forensics services is the best bet. Kinsey Investigations has over 20 years’ experience including cell phone forensics. Over the decades, cell phone design and security have improved dramatically, and so have the state-of-the art techniques we use whenever we need to incorporate cell phone forensics into a case.

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Surveillance Private Investigations in Los Angeles

Many California private investigations involve surveillance. Los Angeles private detectives often use surveillance to answer a client’s question(s) or gather information or evidence for many types of cases. While some surveillance operations require an L.A. private detective to follow one or more persons from place to place, others involve visiting or even staking out a single location to get answers to specific questions. Everything from quick and easy activity checks and secret shopper private investigations to multi-day stakeouts fall under this definition. Surveillance may make up the entirety of a job or be one of many tools that a California private investigator employs to serve their clients. Female private detectives have the edge when carrying out surveillance investigations, because we naturally put most people at ease and can easily blend into many environments. Kinsey Investigations’ team of female private investigators use surveillance as part of quite a few of our private investigations services.

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Female Private Detectives for Child Custody Investigations

A parent may hire a California private investigations firm to conduct a child support or child custody investigation in L.A. or elsewhere throughout the state. A Los Angeles private investigator can provide surveillance to check on a child’s welfare and living situation while in the care of a coparent or stepparent. Los Angeles private detective agencies may also be hired by attorneys or directly by parents to gather evidence for these family law cases if either parent is living with a new partner, or if one or both parents’ financial situation has changed. Female private investigators are ideal for family law cases involving children for several reasons, not the least of which being that most kids of all ages feel more comfortable speaking with us. At Kinsey Investigations, we’re parents too, and we understand the intense emotions that become part of these sensitive situations. Our team of female private detectives still receive thanks and family updates, even years later, because we have helped so many families take the legal steps necessary to live their best lives.

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Searching for Missing Heirs in California

Private investigators in Los Angeles and throughout California offer missing heir investigation services to attorneys or direct to clients. Missing heir private investigations, also referred to as missing-heir searches, involve locating a person (usually a relative) with whom a client has lost contact. In some cases, missing heir searches are primarily for the children, grandchildren, or other successors of a relative presumed deceased. Los Angeles private detective agencies may be hired to find and account for missing heirs when a will is in probate, when the person may have a partial interest or ownership in family property, or before real estate or other valuable family holdings can be sold. Kinsey Investigations is a licensed California private investigations firm with over 20 years’ experience solving missing-heir cases. Our female private detectives have the professional training and experience to locate and account for relatives or anyone that our clients have lost touch with. Sometimes the only details we start with are a name and the last known address, but we know the techniques and we have the technology to do the rest. If you need to find a relative you’ve lost touch with or locate a potential heir to your estate, don’t hesitate to contact us. The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can begin solving your case.

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Becoming a Licensed Private Investigator in California

Every private detective in Los Angeles remembers the process they had to go through to become a licensed California private investigator. Including at least three years of investigative work experience, passing the state’s private investigator exam, and involving several other requirements, the path to becoming a licensed private investigator in California is actually one of the most straightforward and flexible in the nation. For some L.A. private investigators, their road began with earning a law degree or a bachelors in police science or similar. For others, investigative work for the military or a police department helped them find their calling. For every licensed detective who works for a California private investigations firm, passing the state exam and following the steps of the P.I. license application rounded out the process before they could obtain their license and be listed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. You can find Kinsey Investigations listing with them here. If you want to know more about what it takes to become a licensed Los Angeles private investigator, keep reading

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Los Angeles Private Investigations into Workers Comp Fraud

Smart Los Angeles area business owners and insurance providers hire California private detective services to avoid paying out fraudulent workers compensation claims. Disability and workers comp fraud have ballooned across the country to the tune of an estimated $30Billion per year, nationally. More and more organizations are responding by hiring California private investigators to independently verify the legitimacy of workers comp claims. A few decades ago, companies could avoid most of this type of fraud with in-house policies carried out by their own personnel. Unfortunately, in the 21st century workers compensation and other types of disability and insurance fraud have grown beyond the rare occurrences, and fraudsters have honed their tactics for getting away with this type of fraud. These days, it often takes a professional Los Angeles private investigator to uncover workers comp fraud and gather the necessary evidence to dispute falsified claims. Working with a private detective agency in Los Angeles or Orange county is a wise move for California business owners and insurance providers who want to eliminate fraudulent workers comp claims and expose those who are trying to take unfair advantage of the system.

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California Private Investigators Save Clients Time and Money

At Kinsey Investigations, we’re not always the first California private investigations firm our clients have called. We hear about it all the time, from something as simple as needing court documents served to full-on infidelity investigations in Los Angeles, many people come to us after becoming frustrated with law enforcement or another private investigator. We’ve earned our reputation as the best private investigator in Los Angeles as well as dozens of 5-Star online reviews, because we get the job done, and often within days, when others have failed over weeks or even months. The same can be true for our attorney and corporate clients. Attorneys and law offices sometimes attempt to keep all billable hours for a case in-house. They may believe that they or their staff can adequately handle any private investigation services required. And many business owners don’t understand the legal liability they’re undertaking in potentially litigious situations without the help of a private detective agency. However, wise California attorneys and business owners facing cases such as these realize they’ll save money and time by choosing to work with a licensed Los Angeles private investigations firm.

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Female Private Investigators for Activity Check Investigations

California private investigators use activity checks for simple fact-finding cases or to determine if a more in-depth private investigation is needed. From parents wanting to check in on their teens or college students to employers needing to confirm workers’ injury or disability claims, many individual and corporate clients hire private detectives in Los Angeles and the surrounding area to conduct these fast, affordable private investigations. An L.A. private investigator can spend a few hours or even less observing a home or business or tracking an individual’s movements or activities and report back expediently. Activity check investigations are ideal when a client needs a simple confirmation or has a singular question they need answered. Female private investigators have a significant advantage carrying out activity checks, because our presence in the majority of public spaces arouses less suspicion than that of a man. We can easily blend into residential settings or even close by private property, often without needing to try to conceal our presence. Kinsey Investigations offers activity checks for a variety of client needs throughout the state. Our licensed and insured California private investigations firm is woman-owned, and our team of female private detectives are ready to help you find the answers or evidence you need.

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A Private Investigator Talks Social Media Investigations

For California private investigators, knowing where to find evidence isn’t always enough. Los Angeles private detective agencies have to be especially careful when conducting social media investigations to make sure that neither the type of information we locate online nor the means we use to find it breach any federal or state privacy laws. These laws themselves are works in progress, subject to a great deal of interpretation, most importantly by judges who then create legal precedents with the judgements they hand down. As any L.A. private investigator will tell you, it’s no small job keeping up with it all. Here at Kinsey Investigations, we use social media and other online investigation tools for many of our clients’ cases. At the end of the day, especially when the evidence we turn up must be admissible in court, it’s vital that we know about and take all important legal considerations into account.

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Los Angeles Infidelity Private Investigations

Los Angeles infidelity investigations can be some of the most volatile cases to come across any California private investigator’s desk. Emotions run high from the very beginning, and too often the implications stretch far beyond our individual client and a potential cheating partner. A devastated husband or wife who’s just learned of their spouse’ adultery is hard enough, but the whole truth might also involve hidden assets, child custody and support implications, cohabitation, and other eventualities that make it an even harder pill to swallow. Kinsey Investigations is known as the California private investigations firm with a heart, because we have the experience and the emotional intelligence to handle sensitive family law cases such as these. Our team of professional female private investigators approach every investigation with their hearts as much as their heads. Our fully licensed and insured Los Angeles private detective agency has received’s rank of Best Los Angeles Private Investigator more than once, and our scores of 5-star online reviews tell the stories of our clients’ satisfaction. While we can’t guarantee that our findings will be what our clients want to hear, we can guarantee that we’ll find the truth. And as much as the truth might hurt, it’s what you need to make the best decision for yourself and your loved ones.

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