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Locating missing persons in places like Los Angeles and Orange Counties requires, among other things, a deep knowledge of the area and its infrastructure. In California, every year, over 100,000 adults and children disappear, and every California private investigator knows that the sooner professionals can begin searching, the greater the chances of locating them. Especially in a city as large and diverse as Los Angeles, the reasons children and adults go missing span a broad spectrum, from the most common like parental abduction of a child, to the most unique and unimaginable reasons that some adults disappear. But as any Los Angeles private detective will tell you, what’s central to all missing person cases is a race against the clock. That’s because no matter why a child or adult is missing, the more time that passes, the greater the odds that they’ll encounter dangerous people or situations, or that they or an abductor will secure transportation out of the city or even farther away. This is why the first hours and days in missing persons cases can make all the difference between a safe homecoming and a much less happy ending.

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When a child or adult is missing, the sooner the report is made, the better. In California, there is no waiting period to report someone missing if you cannot find them at their normal place of residence and they have become unresponsive to messaging. Of course in some cases, such as large scale accidents or natural disasters, many adults and children may go missing in the blink of an eye until they can be accounted for. No matter the circumstances, choosing to contact a California private investigator greatly increases the odds of finding the person you’re looking for, regardless of the circumstances under which they disappeared. Children and adults go missing for many different reasons, and seasoned L.A. private detectives have the training and expertise necessary to give you the best chance of locating a missing person.

Los Angeles County investigators know that when children go missing, especially young children, parental or family abduction is one of the most likely reasons. A non-custodial parent, grandparent or another extended family member will take a child under false pretenses and attempt to hide them or transport them elsewhere. In these cases, the child often leaves voluntarily with the person they know, likely not even realizing they are considered missing or in potential danger. Runaways make up another large portion of missing children cases, especially among older children. When a child goes missing, Los Angeles private detective agencies like Kinsey Investigations can work closely with local law enforcement agencies and schools to track them down, maximizing the likelihood of their safe return.

Adults, on the other hand, may disappear for a much broader variety of reasons. While vulnerable adults may also be susceptible to abduction, adult missing person cases in Los Angeles and elsewhere are largely split between those who are endangered or at risk versus those who go missing of their own volition in attempts to dodge monetary or legal obligations. These situations are referred to as skip tracing, because the individual is said to have “skipped town” to avoid settling their dues.

Working with an L.A. Private Investigator to Find a Missing Person

In all missing person cases, hiring a California private investigator is your best bet. Firms like Kinsey Investigations have access to a wide array of local, state, and national databases to gain potential leads. This includes credit bureaus, US Postal Service data, utility company records, and even service providers like mobile phone companies. Hiring a Los Angeles private detective agency to start work on a missing persons case as soon as possible can significantly improve the chances of a successful outcome.

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