Los Angeles Infidelity Investigations

Los Angeles infidelity investigations are something of a specialty here at Kinsey Investigations. Among private investigators in California, no one outperforms us in revealing the truth of a cheating spouse or partner. Lots of private detective services all over California offer infidelity / adultery investigations services; however, Kinsey Investigation is one of the very few who lead in cases like these with our female private investigators. In fact, our licensed and insured Los Angeles private detective agency boasts a team of more than 75% women, and our clients stand to benefit from all the unique advantages this offers. Infidelity investigations in Los Angeles and Orange counties are some of the most emotionally-charged cases we’ve taken on, but as painful as it can be, we are driven by our unwavering belief that our clients deserve nothing less than the truth.

Cheating Spouse Private Investigations In California

There are few feelings worse than the suspicion that your spouse or partner is cheating on you. While our culture is slowly expanding its acceptance of different kinds of romantic relationships beyond the traditional monogamous couple, unfortunately some people still choose to lie about who they are and what they want out of life, causing hurt and trauma to those they’ve promised to love the most. What haven’t changed are the telltale signs of infidelity, the cheating-spouse playbook, if you will. And while it can be very simple to put two and two together to confirm your partner’s infidelity for yourself, compiling evidence that will be both admissible and compelling in a court of law can be trickier. When it comes to Los Angeles infidelity investigations, no California private investigations firm has a better track record of finding the truth (and the proof) in cheating partner cases than Kinsey Investigations.

How well (or not) a person committing adultery covers their tracks can have a lot to do with their level of intelligence. Even so, it’s the very rare cheater who won’t exhibit at least some of the following behaviors during the course of their affair. Becoming more private about money, their schedule, their phone or other devices are all indicators that your partner may be hiding something. Changing their routines, creating a separate bank account, buying new clothes or becoming more concerned with their appearance are all possible signs of infidelity. The common thread running through many of these signs is the sudden change. Maybe you’ve always done your laundry together, but lately, you notice they’re keeping their clothes separate and doing their own loads of laundry. Communication is key in relationships, and if your partner seems vague, evasive or dismissive when you question them about these changes, it’s a sure sign that something is wrong.

On the other hand, we cannot tell you how many times cheaters have become downright brazen with their affairs, as if they feel untouchable. You would think for instance that a cheater living with their spouse in Malibu or Beverly Hills would want to meet their affair partner somewhere like Long Beach, not Santa Monica. When cheaters come to think they’ll never be caught, it certainly makes our job easier. Depending on the case, we may use surveillance, digital forensics, finance / hidden assets investigations and more to turn up the hard evidence of infidelity. One thing’s for sure – Los Angeles infidelity investigations are something of a specialty of ours.

Female Private Detectives Benefit Infidelity Investigations

Leading with our female private investigators gives Kinsey Investigations a distinct advantage in cheating spouse investigations. Female private detectives can blend into almost any atmosphere, and we naturally arouse less suspicion than our male counterparts. This is still a male-dominated industry, and the majority of private investigations firms in Los Angeles and Orange counties lead with their male investigators by default. Kinsey Investigations on the other hand has a team of more than 75% women. Both our male and female clients report feeling more comfortable working with a female private investigator, and we will apply every advantage afforded to us to finding the evidence you need to successfully mount your case against a cheating spouse.

At Kinsey Investigations, we understand how devastating a revelation of infidelity can be. We’re sensitive and understanding of the many conflicting feelings that can chip away at your self-confidence and resolve. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, don’t you deserve to know the truth? Tying to deny or ignore a partner’s infidelity will only hurt you more in the long run. The sooner you know the truth, the sooner you can begin to accept it and begin healing. And the sooner you call Kinsey Investigations to help you find the truth (and if necessary, the evidence to support it legally), the sooner you can start building back toward a better and more honest life. The truth can be painful, but as the old saying goes, it is only the truth that can set you free.