Infidelity Investigations in Los Angeles & Orange Counties

Kinsey Investigations offers infidelity investigations by a licensed and insured California private detective firm serving clients in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. A private investigator can catch a cheating spouse and provide solid proof of unfaithfulness using state-of-the-art technology, including GPS tracking, hidden cameras and other surveillance equipment. Our experience and care for these cases has given us a premiere reputation for discovering adultery and providing the truth for our clients – even other California private investigators refer to us when infidelity is suspected.

The Best L.A. Private Investigator to Catch Any Cheating Spouse

There are few things more delicate and heartbreaking than a cheating partner. If you suspect your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse has been unfaithful, unfortunately, you are probably right – 85% of people who suspect their partners of cheating are usually correct. Still, you want to be 110% certain before confronting them, especially if you are married, cohabiting or have children together. You’ll want answers to questions that may not be on your mind right now but will be necessary if the infidelity affects your family, shared assets or other legal proceedings.

While you may be prepared to catch your cheating spouse in the heat of the moment, a lot more goes into an infidelity investigation conducted by a private investigations firm. Cheaters are devious and can go to leaps and bounds to hide their transgressions, especially if they have been unfaithful for a long period of time. A private detective can dive into your partner’s daily routines and online activity to identify discrepancies in their behavior. Is he actually working late? Is there a good excuse for those longer trips to the gym? Are those long personal calls and constant texting really just to a friend?

During this process, a private investigator will help you identify potential signs of cheating like:

  • Sudden or increased concern about privacy (e.g. password protecting devices or documents they didn’t protect before, taking calls in a different room)
  • Working late hours without answering calls or texts
  • Caring more about their appearance or smelling of different perfume or aftershave
  • Downloading new, encrypted messaging apps like WhatsApp or Signal
  • Having more cash on hand or unexplained charges on credit card or bank statements

Signs of infidelity can be subtle and go unnoticed or be even harder to identify than the list above. A cheating spouse could have an entirely separate identity to hide their adultery–including secret bank accounts, fake social media profiles, a second mailing address. Yes, we have even had a case of an entire second family. If you live in Los Angeles or Long Beach, for example, a cheating spouse may travel outside of Southern California to better cover their tracks or make it difficult for you to follow them. Kinsey Investigations can trail them 24/7 and track their movement to ensure nothing is missed. In addition to surveilling a potential cheater, a skilled detective can conduct an in-depth background check to find evidence of a secondary persona or cohabitation with a lover that may be expertly hidden.

Infidelity Investigation & Family Law 

One of the most common reasons to hire a private investigations firm when you suspect infidelity is if children or other vulnerable family members may be affected. In California, if your partner shows poor judgment and lack of character in your relationship, it can affect your children and is important information for a judge to have in a child custody hearing. Kinsey Investigations has gathered evidence for numerous child custody cases in Los Angeles and Orange counties affected by parent infidelity. We know how to navigate these sensitive situations and are able to sus out evidence both relevant to our clients’ cases and permissible in court.

If you are a parent and suspect your spouse of cheating, you will want to know if they are secretly supporting their boyfriend or girlfriend financially, cohabiting with them part-time, or if your kids have come into contact with the “other person.” An unfit living situation or lack of fiscal responsibility can have a substantial sway in family law cases when considering the best interest of the children. Without first-hand evidence provided by a private investigator, an adulterous parent may lie about their living situation or the background of their paramour in ways that can fool a court.

Kinsey Investigations is a leading surveillance expert for these and other family law cases. Investigating a cheating spouse or partner can be complicated and rife with heated emotions, and we know how to navigate these scenarios with confidence and discretion. Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, you can rest assured that you have the truth which will help you make the best and most informed decision for you and your family.