Hidden Assets Private Investigations in California

Many types of California private investigations may include the possibility of hidden assets. From civil litigation and debtor location to family law cases, corporate investigations and more, the reasons someone might try to hide money or property from another person or company are broad and varied. Professional Los Angeles private detective agencies can help both individual and corporate clients who need to know the truth about potentially hidden assets. Kinsey Investigations has decades of experience and many creative strategies for uncovering hidden finances and property, no matter why or how someone is trying to conceal them. While less experienced California private investigators may not know how to look beyond public databases, Kinsey Investigations is a licensed and insured Los Angeles private investigation firm with the training and expertise to find the truth in cases of concealed assets and hidden finances.

Hidden Assets in Civil Cases and Family Law Investigations 

When most people hear the word “assets,” they imagine cars and boats, real estate or stock market investments. Say “hidden assets,” and it’s Swiss bank accounts or vacation homes with someone else’s name on the deed, but the truth is that almost anything a person owns, from these grandly-imagined examples all the way down to a designer handbag or exotic coin collection, can count as an asset. If a person or business entity is trying to hide such property, then they’re trying to conceal an asset. People and organizations might try to hide various assets for any number of reasons including bankruptcy and court judgements, all kinds of family law considerations, or to paint a different financial picture of themselves in the face of a business deal or partnership. With all these different reasons, however, the core motive for hiding assets is nearly always detrimental toward the person or entity they’re hidden from, which is why hiring a licensed Los Angeles private investigator makes the most sense in all cases.

Individuals and businesses may come to owe money through all sorts of circumstances, from recurring expenses like rent and utilities to more litigious events such as court judgements and bankruptcies. If the indebted person or company then decides to misrepresent their financial situation, they may begin looking for ways to avoid paying what they rightfully owe by hiding valuable assets. As mentioned before, those assets may be anything of value, regardless of the type of property or how much it’s worth. Establishing the truth about the indebted party’s ability to pay what they owe greatly increases the debt being paid, and sometimes it takes working with a California private investigations firm to uncover the evidence needed to do so.

Many family law cases including Los Angeles infidelity investigations, divorce and alimony litigation and child support and custody cases in L.A. also involve hidden assets. It’s sad to think of a once-happy marriage devolving into legal squabbles over money, cohabitation, alimony and child support payments, but it happens far too often. At Kinsey Investigations, we’ve even encountered spouses who tried to hide entire second families from their partner, along with all the money and property that went along with them. In alimony cases, it’s not uncommon for the person receiving payments to hide the fact that they’ve begun cohabitating with someone new, and are reaping the benefits of shared living expenses while still cashing in on the full payment amount from their ex. And while it’s heartbreaking to imagine a parent not wanting to provide as well as they can for their child, our L.A. private detectives has also encountered cases where a parent who should be paying child support is hiding money from their ex to avoid having the amount increased or paying at all. Emotions can run extremely high when hidden assets become part of a family law case, and Kinsey Investigations’ female private investigators put our heads and our hearts to work for our clients who’ve been hurt by them.

Uncovering Hidden Assets in Corporate Fraud Cases & Business Background Checks 

While the emotional stakes of hidden assets cases between businesses or business partners are generally lower than family law cases, the monetary stakes and the value of the hidden property involved can run much higher. Smart business owners in California know the importance of vetting potential new partners or organizations before embarking upon new business deals or contracts. And L.A. private detective agencies like Kinsey Investigations know how to conduct the due diligence that corporations need to feel confident about the partnership or project. The reasons for an unscrupulous business or executive to hide company assets could involve a desire to invest less in the new relationship or venture or even nefarious intentions including planned embezzlement or other kinds of corporate fraud. Naturally, no smart business owner or management team would willingly enter into an agreement with a new partner or company they didn’t feel they could trust, but these days, a feeling and a handshake are never enough to ensure that you can trust someone with your company’s future. Hiring a licensed insured private investigator to make sure the prospective deal or partnership can be built on honesty and trust is the best way to avoid compromising your company’s reputation and financial future.

If you suspect an individual or business that owes you money is attempting to hide assets from you, it’s time to speak with one of Kinsey Investigations’ experienced female private detectives, perhaps even before reaching out to them again or contacting a lawyer. After all, if you’re correct about the person or company being willing to lie about their finances to avoid payment, how likely is it that they’re going to cooperate without hard evidence that you already know the truth? And while a lawyer can help you file an official complaint, lawyers do not have the same expertise gathering evidence as an experienced Los Angels private investigator will. Kinsey Investigations has decades of experience finding the truth in hidden assets cases, and we know how to look beyond publicly available information to find the truth for all our clients.