Background Check Private Investigations in California

California Private Investigator Kinsey Investigations offers background check investigations in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, whether for personal, professional or legal due diligence. Premarital or relationship background screenings are an example of private detective services a client might request for their personal peace of mind. Pre-employment screenings as well as some of our more thorough types of background checks conducted for corporations, government entities or law offices represent professional or legal reasons for these private investigation services.

Experienced Los Angeles Private Detective for Background Screenings

When it comes to background checks, Kinsey Investigations has seen it all. Clients come to us for relationship and pre-marital background screenings, pre-employment background checks, and in more involved cases, for comprehensive or extensive background check investigations. Being a licensed and insured California private investigations firm with decades of experience in these types of investigations means we’re the most qualified L.A. private detective firm for all types of background investigations.

Depending on whether the client is an individual or an organization, and their unique requirements, we conduct background check investigations at one of three levels:

For Tier One Services, usually requested for simple pre-employment screenings, we verify the subject’s age, date of birth and social security number. Because these services are most commonly requested by employers for potential new hires, we also verify educational and employment histories when conducting a tier one background investigation. Finally, we search the subject’s history for involvement in any civil or criminal court cases nationwide. This simple background check is the perfect option for companies and other organizations (from small businesses and non-profits to large corporations or mid-size government or municipal entities) looking to verify the honesty and basic integrity of a potential entry-to-mid-level new hire.

Comprehensive & Extensive Background Screenings by a Licensed California Private Investigations Firm

For Tier Two Services, also called Comprehensive Background Investigations, we dig deeper into the subject’s history. In addition to everything from our tier one services, we also look up locations and dates of residency and take a much more thorough approach to several important aspects of a subject’s life, such as any past bankruptcies, foreclosures, allegations of fraud, evictions, liens, etc. Our research into any criminal history or involvement in civil suits also deepens with a comprehensive look at the past seven years at the national, state and even municipal levels. We don’t stop with the individual either. For a comprehensive background investigation, information about a subject’s closest family, friends and associates will also be included.

For Tier Three Services also called an Extensive Background Investigation, we leave absolutely no stone unturned. While the list of what we’re searching for remains mostly the same, the level of investigation into each area deepens significantly. Whereas for tier two services, we record dates and locations of residences, for an extensive background investigation, we’ll track down as many additional details as possible. Did they get along with their landlord? Did they have a contentious relationship with a neighbor?

Instead of simply identifying close family, friends and associates, we’ll look for the stories behind these relationships. Are they hiding assets, romantic partners, or even whole other families and children from their public persona? For this level of services, we not only identify, but interview direct and indirect references for the subject. We look deeply into business affiliations, sources of income, and any involvement, even the most peripheral, in criminal activity, charges or legal proceedings. Over the years, we’ve learned how to identify the details and threads that most often lead to the biggest surprises and unexpected discoveries.

Notably, the subject of an investigation may be an individual, but can also be company or other organization including small businesses, non-profits or large public corporations. For business and corporate background checks in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, Kinsey Investigations can perform due diligence for the company’s legal, financial, and operational integrity, just to name a few. Visit our website for more information on this and other types of background check private investigations we offer. Initial phone consultations are always free.