Private Investigator Supporting Civil Litigation in California

Kinsey Investigations Civil Litigation Support

Los Angeles private detectives know the difference between civil and criminal legal cases, but if you’re not private investigator and not employed in a law or law enforcement career, you may not understand what separates these two very different types of legal proceedings. Criminal charges, litigation and penalties refer to cases brought against an individual, business, etc. by a government entity, whether state, federal or another municipal body. Civil cases, on the other hand, are instead initiated by individuals, businesses or other non-government entities, and the process of filing and bringing the suit falls entirely to that filing party and any legal counsel they choose to retain. You can read more information about the differences in our previous post. Process service, often facilitated by a licensed process server is one of the first steps in civil litigation, and many individuals hire California private investigation firms to take care of this important legal requirement. If you are planning to file a civil case, deciding to work with a private investigator, usually in addition to legal counsel, can prove very valuable to your case. Kinsey Investigations is a private investigation firm licensed and insured throughout California, with decades of experience providing services and support for civil cases. Beginning with process service and transitioning into civil litigation support, we can help our clients take the required legal steps to go to trial as well as gather and review evidence that strengthens their case.

Los Angeles Private Detectives and Licensed California Process Servers

“You’ve been served!” It’s a phrase most people first hear in a movie or on TV, but in real life “process service” is a legal term referring to an important initial step in the civil litigation process when someone files a civil case with a court. Process service constitutes the delivery of legal documents notifying the recipient(s) (any person or business named in a civil court filing or lawsuit) of the litigation and its contents. The person or business entity initiating the case is required by law to have an uninvolved third party deliver a copy of exactly what they are filing with the courts, and they must ensure that all involved parties receive those documents. Hiring a professional to carry out process service is the best way to ensure you are proceeding with your case lawfully. If you have an untrained or unreliable delivery person or service, you might end up waiting weeks–even months–before you can move forward with your civil case.

Kinsey Investigations offers process service throughout California. Over the years, we’ve successfully served papers in literally hundreds of cases in Los Angeles and Orange counties, from Malibu and Beverly Hills all the way Long Beach. Every one of our team of female private investigators is a registered process server, and in some cases, we have accomplished in days what other firms have failed to deliver in weeks or months. We make sure to take a picture at the point of service so there is no doubt that the other party received the documents. Being a fully-insured Los Angeles private detective agency gives our clients the peace of mind that they won’t be held legally or financially liable should anything unexpected happen while we’re on the job.

Giving Our Clients the Edge with Civil Litigation Support

Civil litigation ranges from divorce and child custody / support cases in L.A. to landlord / tenant complaints, and other types of family, contract, property, and personal injury disputes. You might think that because it is not criminal, a civil dispute will be simpler or easier to navigate. This is not the case! In addition to retaining legal counsel, hiring a Los Angeles private investigations firm may well give you a distinct advantage and added confidence during a civil suit. From the initial document service to gathering evidence and more, L.A. private detectives are trained to work with you and your legal team to give you the best opportunity to succeed in court. For instance, it can be particularly valuable to have a private investigator reinterview any witnesses or other involved parties in your case. Kinsey Investigations female private detectives can often establish a better rapport and a broader comfort level with the key people involved in your civil suit than law enforcement or legal professionals can. This is the kind of advantage that can make all the difference to a judge or jury.

A seasoned California private investigations firm, Kinsey Investigations knows what kind of information you need and the steps you need to take to enter civil litigation. We know how to work with your legal team and review evidence to ensure no stone is left unturned. Depending on your needs, we can obtain police reports, procure evidence, and provide expert testimony, among other services. Our five-star reviews on this and our other services speak for themselves. We treat every client with care and respect. A civil case often involves heated emotions and broken lines of communication. Our private investigators are here to handle the stressful parts of your litigation and fill those gaps in communication so you can focus on what is important to you.