California Private Investigations Firm Offering Civil Litigation Support

Licensed private investigators understand the difference between criminal and civil law. While civil litigation differs from that of criminal, civil law cases are just as important, especially to the parties involved, as their criminal counterparts. In California, hiring a private detective for civil litigation support in cases of contract law, property law, family law and tort (personal injury) law can assist the parties involved and their legal teams in gathering evidence for the case. A licensed LA. private detective agency can gather evidence using a number of techniques that are not necessarily legal for private citizens or attorneys. Kinsey Investigations is licensed and insured in California to provide civil litigation support to attorneys as well as the individuals or organizations involved in any type of civil law case.

The Differences between criminal and civil litigation and when You Should Hire a Private Detective

Many people do not know the differences between criminal and civil litigation. Anyone who doesn’t work in law, law-enforcement or a related field may not understand, especially if they’ve never been involved in a lawsuit. Typically, criminal law involves litigation brought by a municipality such as local, state or federal investigators/law enforcement when a person, group or company is alleged to have committed a crime against society, even if the act itself was perpetrated against an individual.

While that may sound confusing, what generally elevates a crime against an individual to a criminal act involves is its severity. For example, rape and murder almost always constitute criminal acts. What counts a criminal charge varies somewhat state-to-state. Misdemeanors and felonies fall under the umbrella of criminal law. Both state and private investigators may be involved in the course of a criminal law investigation.

Civil litigation, on the other hand, most often involves disputes between individuals or between individuals and organizations. Common examples include contract law, property law, family law and tort law (also known as personal injury). Civil charges may be brought under any of these categories by an individual, group or organization when the alleged crime does not rise to the level of a criminal charge, but instead was perpetrated only against the aggrieved party in question.

While civil law is just as important as criminal law, in these cases, it’s up to the injured party to bring the lawsuit, usually with the services of a lawyer. While law enforcement or other expert witnesses may be called upon to provide evidence or testify if the case goes to trial, no municipality at the local, state or federal level will file the lawsuit itself. Similarly, if civil litigation support is needed it will not be a state, but rather a private investigations firm hired to provide that support.

Civil Litigation Support in Los Angeles and Orange Counties

When an injured party concludes that the injustice they’ve suffered rises to the level of seeking legal remunerations, the situation clearly becomes high-stakes for everyone involved. Hiring a lawyer can go a long way in building a case, but lawyers are limited like most private citizens in the means legally afforded to them to gather evidence. An attorney, for instance, cannot trespass on someone’s property, record someone without their knowledge or engage in many other evidence-gathering techniques that are often legal for a licensed private detective. Just as both plaintiff and defendant in any civil case will have to secure their own legal representation, so it will fall to them and their legal team to determine if the services of a private investigator will be required for their case.

Kinsey Investigations is the L.A. private detective agency, both licensed and insured to provide private investigations services including civil litigation support. As an insured private investigations firm, we can offer our clients the peace of mind that they will not be held legally or financially liable for accidental injury or property damage resulting from efforts to gather evidence in a civil case. Attorneys know that hiring a private investigator in California can be the key to securing the necessary evidence for an airtight case. Sometimes, obtaining the evidence is enough to convince the opposing legal team to make a deal to avoid going to trial. And in cases where a civil lawsuit does reach the courtroom, both evidence and expert testimony from your private detective can make all the difference in the success of your case.